AES White Paper: Networking Audio and Music Using Internet2 and Next-Generation Internet Capabilities

Robin Bargar, University of Illinois
Steve Church, Telos Systems
Akira Fukuda, NHK Sound
James Grunke, Hotz / MIDI Manufacturers Association
Douglas Keislar, Muscle Fish
Bob Moses, PAVO
Ben Novak, Microsoft
Bruce Pennycook, McGill University
Zack Settel, McGill University
John Strawn, S Systems Inc.
Phil Wiser, Liquid Audio
Wieslaw Woszczyk, McGill University

Executive Summary

The current Internet is inadequate for transmitting music and professional audio. Performance and collaboration across a distance stress beyond acceptable bounds the quality of service. Since audio and music are intrinsic parts of human society, it is important to include them in a new Internet proposal. Audio transmission is anyway an important part of other network-based applications, such as teleconferencing. Audio and music provide test cases in which the bounds of a network are quickly reached and through which the defects in a network are readily perceived.

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