Frontend Web Developer

Posted On:
January 3, 2022
Norway (or remote)

We are looking for a highly motivated frontend developer who would be excited to build a rich, interactive and high-performing cloud service that provides great-sounding audio processing tools.

You will contribute significantly to a stimulating user experience for our customers by creating intuitive and engaging user interfaces. Together with Design, Marketing and the rest of the Engineering team, you will lift our cloud service to a market-leading position. This means excellent development practices and careful code architecture in an organization built around rapid releases. We will be nimble in shipping as frequently as we can, but our first priority is customer experience.

You will join a growing team of experienced software developers, designers, hardware engineers and audio researchers. We promote cross-functionality with overlapping roles and responsibilities. As a member of the team you will contribute actively to software quality through thorough testing and code reviews. You will share knowledge of tools and technologies and recommend best practices. Instead of struggling with technical debt and outdated legacy code, your work should actively shape our products now and in the future.

Your code is designed for performance and stability, and can withstand forces of scale. You have strong opinions on code structure, cleanliness, and style. Ideally, you possess strong algorithmic and data structure knowledge to boot.

At Nomono we put customer experience first. Every aspect of interaction, from onboarding and micro-animations to updates and support, plays an important role in defining the experience. Deep focus on how our customers will use our service and attention to detail is critical to success in this role.

We believe in a small, dynamic and lean organization. This puts a lot of pressure on only getting the top talents in every position. This position offers a unique opportunity for you to take part in our vision.

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