Hardware Engineer, Electrical

Posted On:
May 16, 2022
Costa Mesa, CA, USA or San Luis Obispo, CA, USA

Job description:

This role provides front-line design support and assistance in design, development, implementation, and analysis of technical products and systems that will support of a variety projects, project teams, core teams, and products across the organization. Performs engineering design tasks following guidance from senior engineers. Assists in the preparation of plans, computation methods and reports. This position supports projects with generally predictable levels of complexity within the hardware portion of development.

QSC thrives where innovative technology and compelling audio-visual experiences intersect. For over 50 years, QSC has pioneered the technology and solutions that enable immersive cinema, live performance audio, themed entertainment, digital collaboration and meeting experiences for our customers and partners around the world. A globally recognized innovator in the design, engineering, and manufacture of category leading high-performance loudspeakers, digital mixers, power amplifiers, audio processors, digital cinema solutions, and the Q-SYS™ software-based audio, video and control Ecosystem.

By joining the QSC team, you will be in a challenging, collaborative, fun, and innovative environment. We encourage employees to take ownership, to color outside the lines, and to imagine possibilities. Our culture is casual but dynamic, with cross-functional teams collaborating on creating memorable audio-visual experiences that deliver joy to people, wherever they are. At QSC, fun and hard work go hand in hand. Join us and make a difference in the way people experience movies, meetings, presentations, live performances, and much more.


Project/Product Development: Engineer I is part of the design team responsible for design and development of electronic hardware products. Perform analytic tests, collect and analyze data, identify a solution to a problem or create something from scratch.

Design responsibilities: With guidance from a senior hardware engineer, performs analog and digital circuit design; schematic capture, analysis and circuit modeling and simulation; PCB layout; timing and signal integrity analysis; components evaluation and selection; solving EMC and regulatory issues; bringing up prototypes in appropriate sequencing and troubleshooting; authoring design verification test plan; carrying out test activities and compiling test reports, and other duties as assigned
Workflow management: Provide direct day-to-day support and oversight of project elements. Perform measurements and communicate findings to project lead. Communicate assigned project tasks’ status, clarify priorities and inform on potential roadblocks on continuous basis to ensure projects remain on budget and on schedule.
Analysis and manufacturing support: Responsible for identifying, discovering, and distinguishing concerns early in the design effort; conducting root cause analysis; identifying possible solutions, and attaining recommended solutions to address concerns/resolve issues. Support development of manufacturing test requirements and investigate failures.


Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or related field is preferred.
Minimum 3 years of experience designing, building, and testing electronic circuits is preferred.
Good problem solving skills: issue identification, problem structuring, analysis, and developing recommendations
Ability to produce results in a dynamic work environment

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