Senior Audio Circuit Designer

Posted On:
May 10, 2022
5340 Canotek Road, Unit 4, Ottawa, Ontario, K1J 9C6, Canada

For over thirty-five years our companies, industry-leading manufacturers and distributors of high-quality, luxury consumer audio products, have set the standard for excellence in every product category we offer. We continuously push the boundaries of design and quality with a constant focus on providing high-performance solutions and value.

In our Ottawa office, we create a wide range of products, including Home Theater Receivers, Audio- and Video Processors, Single- Stereo- and Multichannel Amplifiers and Sound Distribution Systems sold under Anthem, Paradigm and Martin Logan brands. Each of our products is a masterpiece of engineering. We have expertise and capability to go through all stages of the product development, from in-house design to in-house manufacturing, from ideas and concepts to best products on the market that fuel the ambiance of living rooms and concert halls!

Senior Audio Circuit Designer

We are looking for a seasoned professional to lead our Analog Design team.  Working in close collaboration with digital circuit designers, electrical engineers, and even software developers, you will play a key role in the design, testing and implementation of analog electronic circuits for our new and existing products under Paradigm, Anthem and Martin Logan brands.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Designing analog circuits: class AB and class D power amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, power supply systems with particular emphasis on system linearity at high power;
  • Prototyping, experimenting, testing and optimizing circuits to achieve target signal-to-noise (SNR) and distortion (THD) characteristics;
  • Optimizing the system design to meet electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) specifications;
  • PCB layout component placement, review and verification
  • Evaluating off-the-shelf solutions

Skills Requirements:

The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications and experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electrical or Electronics Engineering or equivalent;
  • 15 or more years of experience in a relevant area;
  • Advanced topology A-,B-, AB-, D- and G-class amplifiers design
  • State of art Integrated Circuits (ICs) and best practices designing with these ICs
  • Particularities of designing circuits that operate in audible ranges

Other Details:

  • Company Operating Name: Paradigm Advanced Research Center, division of Paradigm Electronics Inc.
  • Job Location/Contact Information/Mailing Address: 5340 Canotek Road, Unit 4, Ottawa, Ontario, K1J 9C6
  • Terms of Employment: Full-time, permanent
  • Salary: CDN$100,000 per annum
  • Language of work: English
  • Benefits: health: dental, vision, paramedical; long-term: group insurance, life insurance; other

The “Good-To-Haves” (we won’t judge you if you don’t):

  • Hands-on experience designing high power PFC switching power supplies, familiarity with Flyback and LLC topologies.
  • Experience in Magnetics design: litz wire, gapped ferrite cores, powdered iron cores, sendust cores.
  • Experience in managing small technical teams
  • Familiarity with modern project management methodologies.

How to Apply:

Please submit your resume and cover letter here.

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