June 4, 2024
"This Convention will be a truly global event with audio professionals, researchers, students, and software & hardware developers traveling from all over the world. Working together, we are dedicated to activating our networks and elevating the audio engineering industry. We can’t wait to kick things off!" said AES President Leslie Gaston-Bird.

2024 AES European Convention to Feature GRAMMY® Award-Winning Engineers, Renowned Educators and Academic Researchers, and Leading Global Audio Innovators Revealing the Latest Audio Engineering Technologies and Techniques

[MADRID, SPAIN – June 4, 2024] —The full convention program is now online for the 2024 Audio Engineering Society (AES) European Convention in Madrid, Spain, on June 15–17. Dozens of world-leading audio practitioners, researchers, and technology specialists will deliver over 160 presentations during the three-day convention at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Polytechnic University of Madrid), covering the latest advances in audio technology, its implementation, and its application.

Session topics over the three-day event span audio fundamentals plus cutting-edge research, design, and practices in artificial intelligence, spatial audio, audio for games, immersive audio, archiving, high-resolution audio, loudspeakers, headphones, machine learning, perception, room acoustics, recording, and signal processing.

“We are so excited to see you in Madrid! Our hard-working Convention team has developed such an exciting program for AES Europe 2024,” said AES President Leslie Gaston-Bird. “This Convention will be a truly global event with audio professionals, researchers, students, and software & hardware developers traveling from all over the world. Working together, we are dedicated to activating our networks and elevating the audio engineering industry. We can’t wait to kick things off!”

Below are just some of the dynamic and informative sessions planned for AES Europe 2024:

“Hearing the Unheard: Towards a blueprint on filling the data gaps in audio engineering, sound technology and music production,” featuring Amandine Pras, Jude Brereton, and Katie Ambrose from York University; producer and engineer Alex MacKay; and AES President Leslie Gaston-Bird. The group will focus on how improving publication and design guidelines can help give an equitable voice to women and other members of silenced and marginalized social groups in the audio field at large.

“Archiving Multi-Track and Multi-Channel: Challenge and Recommendations,” featuring Nadja Wallaszkovits of Stuttgart State Academy of Fine Arts; audio engineer Brad McCoy; Jim Anderson, President of the AES Society and Professor, Recorded Music, Clive Davis Institute, New York University; and Ulrike Schwarz, Engineer/Producer, Co-Founder Anderson Audio New York. This workshop will outline major challenges when working with archival materials and discuss ongoing activities in AES Standards Group SC-03-06 relating to multi-track and multi-channel audio.

“The Anatomy of a Recording Session: Where Musical Creativity and Technology Intersect (Part II),” featuring McGill University’s Associate Professor Richard King, Professor David Brackett, and Associate Professor Lisa Barg; and GRAMMY® Award-winning recording engineer and inventor George Massenburg. This workshop will center on using recording studio sessions to analyze creativity as a collaborative but often complex and subtle practice.

“Enveloping Masterclass 1” with GRAMMY® Award-winning Morten Lindberg, recording producer, balance engineer, and founder and CEO of record label 2L; and Thomas Lund, senior technologist, Genelec Oy. Lindberg details 3D recordings from his remarkable catalogue of recording artists, offering a chance to hear 3D audio at its best.

“Enveloping Masterclass 2” with Kimio Hamasaki, AES Fellow and President, ARTSRIDGE LLC; and Thomas Lund. Hamasaki plays high-resolution recordings and explains The Inception Dilemma and microphone and recording techniques.


“Towards Perceptual Modeling in Room Acoustics – Connecting Acoustic Parameters with Auditory Perception,” led by Lukas Treybig, Technische Universität Ilmenau.

“Psychoacoustics and Practices of Immersive Sound Recording,” with Hyunkook Lee, Professor, Applied Psychoacoustics Lab, University of Huddersfield.

“Analogue Voltage Controlled Amplifiers,” with AES VP, Northern Region, Europe Jamie Angus-Whiteoak, Emeritus Professor of Audio Technology, Salford University; and Michael Turner, Director, Active Transducer, Ltd.

“On the bandwidth required for the perception of the top layer in 3D Audio with simple sound sources,” led by Toru Kamekawa, AES Governor Professor, Tokyo University.

“Immersive recording using a virtual microphone array generated from an FOA response,” led by Masataka Nakahara, Acoustic Designer, SONA Corp./ONFUTURE Ltd.

“Immersive Audio Challenges After Dolby Atmos,” led by GRAMMY® Award-nominated producer Tom Ammerman of New Audio Technology.

AES previously announced Jose Luis Crespo and Dr. Antonio Pedrero as featured keynote speakers and Dr. Xavier Serra as the Convention’s Richard C. Heyser Memorial Lecturer. Crespo is one of the most prominent sound engineers in Spain, specializing in music recording and mixing, including film soundtracks in Dolby Atmos. Multidisciplinary researcher Dr. Pedrero has served as the technical director of the Acoustic and Vibration Laboratory at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid since 1997. Dr. Serra is a professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, leading the Music Technology Group. He is a leading expert in audio signal processing, sound and music computing, music information retrieval, and computational musicology.

Registration is still open to join the world’s top minds in audio in Madrid for Europe’s preeminent annual program of professional audio workshops, papers, and special events. Registration is always available at discounted rates for AES members, with Student Members getting the best deal.

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