Standards Development


The memberships of AESSC working groups are open to all directly and materially affected individuals. AES membership, although strongly encouraged, is not required. Learn more >

Project proposals

The initiation of work in AES standards may be proposed by any person, whether a member of the Society or not. The proposal must pertain to the field of audio engineering or the allied arts and sciences and fill a demonstrable need not met elsewhere. Click here to learn more and access the on-line application form.

A list of newly-initiated projects can be found in New Standards Projects

Research Request

The work of AES Standards can depend on good and timely information regarding industry practices. Requests for information will be posted here from time to time as the need arises in AES Standards projects. Learn more >

Guides to standards development

These guides cover Internet communications; steps for progressing a document; some document style issues, and an informative AES Standards document template in MS Word format. Learn more >

AES Standards rules and procedures

These rules and procedures govern the development and publication of AES standards. Learn more >

Patent-policy statements

These statements are made in compliance with the AES patent policy.

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