TurboSonic Acoustics Co., Ltd

TurboSonic Acoustics was founded in Guangzhou, China in 2011. With more than decade of experience, we are always specialized in the field of professional loudspeakers design and production. Products include woofers (from 2” to 32”) and compression drivers (from 1” to 4” voice coil diameter), both with ferrite and neodymium motor system. Our factory consists of state-of-the-art automation production equipment to get maximum precision and production efficiency, brings to the market with the highest level of quality loudspeakers in reasonable price. We constantly innovate and develop new products, as well as improve products for our brand TurboSonic and OEM clients all around the world. Research, development and innovation of new and better components for better quality of loudspeakers are our prime focus. At TurboSonic, quality is no longer expensive. For more information, please visit turbosonicspeakers.com .

6-303, Photoelectric Park, Chonghe
Leliu Town , Shunde District , 528000

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