Special issues

The Journal of the Audio Engineering Society (JAES) welcomes Special Issues (SI) on timely topics related to audio engineering. Those interested in arranging an SI in JAES should contact the Editor-in-Chief Vesa Välimäki (vesa.valimaki@aes.org). The call for papers of the SI should be advertised in JAES and elsewhere about six months before the deadline of manuscripts.

Guest Editors (GEs) will act as associate technical editors for manuscripts submitted to the SI, and they will search for and identify reviewers and will suggest, based on reviewers’ comments, whether each paper should be accepted or rejected. The GEs must not be from the same institute, must show diversity, and should represent different subtopics of the SI theme. All GEs must be sufficiently senior for the editorial role, in practice, a PhD or an equivalent degree, and at least a few years of experience as a researcher (postdoc) are required. All GEs must have published scientific journal papers, and at least one GE must have previously published a paper in JAES.

Any notable topic in the scope of audio engineering may be appropriate for an SI. It is important to estimate how many submissions the SI topic may attract because papers accepted to the SI are expected to fill a full journal issue. It is recommended that GEs personally contact researchers with a potential interest in the SI topic, to estimate the minimum number of submissions expected. An example of a recent Call for Papers can be seen here.

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