AES Officers and Committees

AES Officers and Committees
The Audio Engineering Society 2019 and 2020 Board of Governors and Committee Chairs gathered in New York during the 147th AES International Convention


  • Joshua Reiss, President
  • Bruce Olson, President-Elect
  • Jonathan Wyner, Immediate Past President
  • Alex Kosiorek, Vice President, Western Region, USA/Canada
  • Bill Schulenburg, Vice President, Central Region, USA/Canada
  • Gabriel Herman, Vice President, Eastern Region, USA/Canada
  • Elena Prokofieva,  Vice President, Northern Region, Europe
  • Ewa Lukasik, Vice President, Central Region, Europe
  • Alberto Pinto, Vice President, Southern Europe/Middle East/Africa Region
  • Jorge Azama, Vice President, Latin American Region
  • Kazuhiko Kawahara, Vice President, Asia-Pacific Region
  • Valerie Tyler, Secretary
  • Marina BosiTreasurer
  • Brecht De Man, Director
  • Cesar Lamschtein, Director


  • Prince Charles Alexander
  • Areti Andreopoulou
  • Hyunkook Lee
  • Brad McCoy
  • Agnieszka Roginska
  • Nadja Wallaszkovits
  • Paul “Willie Green” Womack
  • Jun Yamazaki

Committee Chairs

  • Vesa Välimäki, Journal of the Audio Engineering Society (JAES) Editor-in-Chief
  • Jonathan Wyner, Awards
  • Marina Bosi, Audit
  • Mary Mazurek & Cecilia Wu, Co-chairs, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Gabe Herman, Education
     Kazuhiko Kawahara, Vice Chair, Asia
    TBD, Vice Chair, Europe
    Juan Jimenez, Vice Chair, Latin America
    Christoph Thompson, Vice Chair, Student Design Competition
    Miles Fulwider, Vice Chair, Student Recording Competition
  • Agnieszka Roginska & Gary Gottlieb, Co-chairs, Events Coordination
    Gary Gottlieb, Vice Chair, Conferences
    Brett Leonard, Vice Chair, Conventions
    Brad Swanson, Vice Chair, Training & Development
  • Jayant Datta, Financial Planning
  • Brad McCoy & Bill Wray, Co-Chairs, Historical
  • Agnieszka Roginska & Frank Wells Co-chairs, Laws and Resolutions
    Leslie Gaston-Bird, Vice Chair, Laws and Resolutions
  • Jessica Livingston, Membership
  • Joshua Reiss, Nominations
  • Joshua Reiss, Publications Policy
    Rob Maher, Vice Chair, Publications Policy
  • Cesar Lamschtein, Regions and Sections
  • Jeff Berryman & Bruce Olson, Co-Chairs, Standards
  • Rafael Kassier, Chair, Technical Council
    Jürgen Herre & Jayant Datta, Vice Chairs, Technical Council
  • Gary Louie, Board of Tellers
    Chris Freitag, Alternate, Board of Tellers


  • Bill Foster, Interim Executive Director
  • Chris Plunkett, Director of Operations
  • Graham Kirk, Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Frank Wells, Director of Communications
  • Sue Williams, Membership Services
  • Richard Cabot, Standards Manager
  • Robert Clyne, Marketing Manager
  • Sean Martin, Sales Manager
  • Alex Case, Director of AES Live

More Information

Information on AES Technical Council and Committees

Information on Standards Committee officers, subcommittees, and working groups

Correspondence to AES officers and committee chairs should be addressed to them via the appropriate email form or via the society’s international headquarters:

Audio Engineering Society, Inc.
697 3rd Avenue, Suite 405
New York, NY 10017

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