AES Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee Editorial Initiative

My name is Michelle Guadalupe Felix Garcia, and I am writing to you as a graduate… 

I am an audio professional in Livorno, Italy with over 40 years of experience in the industry…

As a blind person and brain tumor survivor, sound has always been my universe…

On the surface, I may seem like any other professional mix engineer…

The AES Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee seeks original, unpublished, informative and inspirational profiles of audio professionals across diverse genres, embracing emergent audio fields and research, and celebrating contributions to audio science, practice and to the audio community from individuals of all races, gender and gender identities, physical abilities, ages, and nationalities.


The Committee also welcomes submissions based on personal experience working in audio (success / hardship / aspiration / mentorship / etc.) and/or article-type submissions about issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Profiles may be submitted of individuals living or deceased, currently working in the industry or not. Individuals profiled may have a legacy of historically significant accomplishments, have a legacy significant to an affinity group and/or have made a significant impact on the author’s career.


Submissions will be posted on the AES website in a dedicated collection as 500- to 800-word posts with one to three photographs if available (it’s highly desirable to have a minimum of one image), with links to additional content and assets if available and provided.

Submission Deadlines

For Q1:
Priority review: January 31
Second review (if additional submissions needed): February 15


For Q2:
Priority review: April 30
Second review (if additional submissions needed): May 15


For Q3:
Priority review: July 31
Second review (if additional submissions needed): August 15


For Q4:
Priority review: October 30
Second review (if additional submissions needed): November 15


**Please note: It is important that you review the General Requirements before submitting your work. Any questions can be directed to


All submissions should be uploaded HERE.

Choose your country of residence from this list:

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