Technical Documents

Technical Documents are publications of the Technical Council that have an overall purpose of informing members and the public of the state of technology in areas represented by the Technical Committees. They comment on the currently available technology and applications, as well as seek to identify new and future directions and comment on their technical capabilities or shortcomings.

The intended publications are different from the Standards Documents and from the Journal Papers as their goal is not to state a policy or support for a technical method, device or principle, but to provide information that represents a collective knowledge of a group of experts.

Depending on the specific needs in each area, a wide range of publications can be foreseen, from a general overview to a highly technical analysis, in text, CD-ROM, DVD and other formats.

Neither AES nor any of its Committees or members shall be responsible for any consequences resulting from the use of information contained in these publications.

The Technical Council has also released some educational publications you may be interested in.

Technical Council Reports

Technology Trends in Audio Engineering (from AES Journal early 2015)

Hearing Loops – The Preferred Assistive Listening Technology (from AES Journal April 2015)

Technology Trends in Audio Engineering (from AES Journal early 2017)

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