Gift Membership

Gift Membership

Why Gift an AES Membership?

Gifting an AES membership — new or renewal — allows the person of your choice all the benefits of AES membership for one complete year (or more).


AES is the only society devoted exclusively to audio technology.


For professionals that means instant access to latest developments and events in the audio industry and networking opportunities.


For students, it opens the doors to their future industry connecting them to the world’s greatest professional and education audio network.


So start now! Simply fill out the form below!

    Information we Need About the Person Receiving the Gift.

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    The exact cost of membership depends on:
    (1) Status of the recipient as a Student or Non Student
    (2) Their country of residence
    (3) Number of years you wish to give

    You will be contacted by email with the exact cost for the person of your choice. You can also look at AES Dues Amounts here

    Please choose one:



    Payment Options (Please select one)

    You will receive an email with the amount and invoice reference number and you can call AES HQ at +1 212-661-8528 to pay by credit card. If you are an AES member or have an account at, you will also be able to pay through your AES Portal — details will be in the email.

    You will receive a PayPal invoice by email for direct payment.

    Frequently asked questions

    How long does it take for the gifted memberships to be activated?

    Invoices are normally sent by email within 24 hours from Monday to Friday. (Please allow a little more time on weekends and holidays!). When the invoice is paid you will receive an email confirmation and the gifted membership will be activated.

    If the gifted membership is required urgently (for example, for an event registration or a student competition submission), please submit the completed form and telephone AES HQ at +1 212-661-8528 and ask for immediate processing. You can also email outside of normal business hours (8:30am-5pm Eastern Time).


    What happens to my information?
    AES respects your privacy. Your details will only be used to process the gift membership and then stored with the invoice information for the requisite period as per current financial regulations. Your information will not be given, sold, or otherwise transferred to any third party. Your email will not be added to any mailing lists. If you wish to sign up to any AES mailing lists, you can do so here. The complete AES Privacy Policy is available here.


    Tel: AES HQ at +1 212-661-8528


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