AES Technical Committee:

Perception and subjective evaluation of audio signals

Mission Statement

The committee works to ensure that the members of the AES are kept up to date on the latest advances and practices in psychoacoustics, the evaluation of sound field recording, coding and reproduction systems, and psychometrics. This includes all aspects of listening tests and modelling of perception in computers.


Many quality assessment tests in the past focused on comparison with an explicitly given reference. In AR and VR applications in general there is no reference and new methods have to be found.


Due to the fact that the products created by audio engineers are target to human receivers and not to measurement systems, listening tests are the most important tools.


Sean Olive

Vice Chair

Thomas Sporer

Areas of Concentration

  1. Psychoacoustics
  2. Evaluation of Sound Field Recording and Reproduction Systems
  3. Psychometrics
  4. Perceptual Quality Assessment
  5. Attributes and Dimension of Audio Quality
  6. Perceptual Measurement Schemes
  7. Assessment of Immersive Audio

Current Areas Of Work

  • Perceptual evaluation of spatial sound fields
  • Multi-dimensional testing and statistics (everything beyond just basic audio quality)
  • Head phone testing
  • Speech intelligibility
  • Perception of vibrations
  • Low frequency perception (architecture, musical instruments, reproduction)
  • CD with auditory examples of artifacts produced by modern audio codecs, esp. also concerning spatial artifacts (extension of “Audio Codecs – what to listen for” originally produced by TC-CAS)
  • Evaluation of AR and VR systems
  • Testing without reference
  • Perceptual attributes for immersive audio

These documents do not necessarily express the official position of the AES on the issues discussed at these meetings, and only represent the views of committee members participating in the discussion. Any unauthorized use of these publications is prohibited. Authorization must be obtained from the Executive Director of the AES: Email, Tel: +1 212 661 8528, Address: 551 Fifth Ave., Suite 1225, New York, New York 10176, USA.

2022-6-6     Minutes from 152nd Convention
Description: Report from the TC PSEAS at the 152nd Convention

2022-6-2     Minutes European AES Convention 2022
Description: TC-PSEAS – Minutes from European AES Convention 2022 (2022-05-31)

2016-9-25     Minutes From 140th Convention
Description: Minutes from TC PSEAS from 140th Convention, Paris, June 2016

2015-5-11     Minutes from 138th Convention
Description: TC PSEAS Minutes from the 138th Convention

2015-5-11     Minutes from 137th Convention
Description: TC PSEAS Minutes from the 137th Convention

2012-5-15     Minutes_From_132Convention
Description: TC PSEAS Minutes from the 132nd Convention

2004-11-3     Minutes, 117th Convention
Description: Notes from the 117th Convention, San Francisco, Oct. 2004

2003-12-24     Minutes, 115th convention
Description: Minutes from TC_PAES meeting at the 2003 AES convention, New York

2003-5-6     Minutes, 114th Convention
Description: Meeting Notes from the 114th convention

2002-12-18     Minutes, 113th Convention
Description: Notes from the TC meeting on Perception and Subjective Evaluation, AES 113th Convention

2002-1-20     Minutes fra NYC – 01
Description: Minutes from the meeting in NYC 2001

2001-2-18     Audiometric tests at Conventions
Description: This is an addition from Bob Schulein to the minutes from our LA meeting

2001-2-4     Minutes from LA convention 2000
Description: Chairmans report from the 7th meeting of the TC on Perception and subjective evaluation of audio signals held at the 109th Convention in LA 2000

2000-3-26     Minutes from Paris 2000
Description: Minutes from the fifth meeting of the Committee on Perception and subjective evaluation of audio signals

1999-10-20     Minutes from NY Convention meeting 1999
Description: Chairman’s report from the meeting at the NY Convention 1999

1999-6-6     Chairman’s report from Munich ’99
Description: Meeting minutes from the fourth meeting of TC on Perception and Subjective Evaluation of Audio Signals

1999-1-15     Minutes from SF ’98
Description: Minutes from the meeting of TC on Perception and Evaluation of Audio Signals, San Francisco ’98 Convention

1999-1-15     Minutes from Amst ’98
Description: Minutes from the meeting of TC on Perception and Evaluation of Audio Signals, Amsterdam ’98 Convention

1999-1-15     Minutes from NY ’97
Description: Minutes from the meeting of TC on Perception and Evaluation of Audio Signals

1999-9-7     List of auditory demonstration CD’s
Description: This document contains a list of CD’s with sound examples for auditory demonstrations.

2003-12-24     Tutorial Seminar: Listening Tests in Practice
Description: Slide presentations from the tutorial session chaired by Nick Zacharov at the AES 115th Convention. 13 Oct. 2003

Committee Members

Bernd Edler
Eiichi Miyasaka
Ivan Stamac
Jan Berg
Marc Ihle
W.A. Deutsch
Sean Olive
Thomas Sporer
Russell Mason
William L Martens
Sylvian Choisel
Yesenia Lacouture Parodi
Marcin Lewandowski
Alexander Lindau, Dr.
Judith Liebetrau
Brecht De Man
Samuel Hoch
Stephanie Bertet
Omid Khonsaripour
Tobias Fritsch
David Guade
Francis Rumsey
Marshall Buck
Nick Zacharov
Francois Ragenard
Poul Ladegaard
Durand Begault
Scott Norcross
Gaeten Lorho
Esben Skovenborg
Tim Gladwyn
Rafael Kassier
Andrzej Miskiewicz
Shusen WANG
Linda Gedemer
Wyatt Harbaugh
Ville Sivonen
Aleksander Valjamae
Matteo Torcoli
Dohyeon Son
Douglas McKinnie
Mendel Kleiner
Peter Schreiner III
Heiko Purnhagen
Gilbert Soulodre
Soren Bech
Todd Welti
Natanya Ford
Bruno Fazenda
Jon Boley
Jonny Jensen
David Prince
Hyunkook Lee
Frederik Nagel
Jan Zera
Tacksung Choi
Atushi Marui
Kent Walker
Darlene Williamson
Giuseppe Parolo

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