AES Awards

The AES recognizes and honors those who have made outstanding contributions to the field of audio in engineering, technology, service, and the arts through its Awards Program.


All AES members worldwide are eligible for the various awards listed below.

Types of Awards

  • The AES Gold Medal Award (formerly The John H. Potts Memorial Award) is given in recognition of outstanding achievements, sustained over a period of years, in the field of Audio Engineering.
  • The Silver Medal Award (formerly the Emile Berliner Award) is given in recognition of outstanding development or achievement in the field of audio engineering.
  • The Bronze Medal Award (formerly the AES Award) is given to a person who has helped significantly in the advancement of the Society.
  • The Distinguished Service Medal Award is given in recognition of extraordinary service to the Society over a period of years.
  • The Publications Award is given each year, alternately, to an author under 35 years of age and to an author regardless of age for the outstanding paper published in the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society during the previous two years.
  • An Honorary Member is a person of outstanding repute and eminence in the science of audio engineering or its allied arts.
  • Citations are given in recognition of services or accomplishments which do not fit into any of the above categories.
  • The Board of Governors Award may be given to any member rendering exceptional service to the Society.
  • The Fellowship Award is given to a member who had rendered conspicuous service or is recognized to have made a valuable contribution to the advancement in or dissemination of knowledge of audio engineering or in the promotion of its application in practice.
  • Citations are given in recognition of services or accomplishments which do not fit into any of the above categories.
  • Except for the Honorary Membership and Citation, awards shall be granted only to Members in good standing.

Past Awards Recipients:

Enda BatesBoard of Governors Award2020
Peter ChapmanBoard of Governors Award2020
Filippo Maria FaziFellowship Award2020
Ben KokBoard of Governors Award2020
Heather LaneFellowship Award2020
Damian MurphyBoard of Governors Award2020
Ingemar OhlssonFellowship Award2020
Maryam SafiBoard of Governors Award2020
Al SchmittFellowship Award2020
Robert SchuleinBoard of Governors Award2020
Tony AgnelloFellowship Award2019
Jamie A. S. Angus-WhiteoakSilver Medal Award 2019
Marina BosiSilver Medal Award 2019
Joel BritoFellowship Award2019
John DawsonFellowship Award2019
Martha de FranciscoFellowship Award2019
Louis D. FielderSilver Medal Award 2019
Grandmaster FlashHonorary Member2019
Paul GalloBoard of Governors Award2019
Toru KamekawaBoard of Governors Award2019
Gavin KearneyBoard of Governors Award 2019
Michael KellyFellowship Award2019
John KrivitFellowship Award2019
John KrivitBoard of Governors Award2019
Mariana LopezBoard of Governors Award 2019
Garry MargolisDistinguished Service Medal2019
Pat ParkerCitation2019
Jan Abildgaard PedersenFellowship Award 2019
Josh ReissFellowship Award2019
Michael SantucciBoard of Governors Award 2019
Jim StarzynskiBoard of Governors Award2019
Takehiro SugimotoFellowship Award 2019
Valerie TylerBoard of Governors Award2019
Christian UhleBoard of Governors Award2019
Yuko WatanabeBoard of Governors Award2019
Terri WinstonFellowship Award 2019
Jonathan WynerBoard of Governors Award 2019
David BialikDistinguished Service Medal2018
Gustavo BornerFellowship2018
Eddy B. BrixenBoard of Governors2018
Edgar ChoueiriBoard of Governors2018
Christopher FreitagFellowship2018
Linda GedemerBoard of Governors2018
Leslie Ann JonesFellowship2018
Maurycy KinBoard of Governors2018
Matt KlassenBoard of Governors2018
Hyunkook LeeFellowship2018
Andres MayoBoard of Governors2018
Andres MayoFellowship2018
Bruce OlsonFellowship2018
Valeria PalominoBoard of Governors2018
Alberto PintoBoard of Governors2018
Xiaojun QiuFellowship2018
Daniel RappaportBoard of Governors2018
Agnieszka RoginskaBoard of Governors2018
Rafa SardinaFellowship2018
Lawrence SchwedlerBoard of Governors2018
Jeff SmithBoard of Governors2018
Sascha SporsBoard of Governors2018
Nadja WallaszkovitsBoard of Governors2018
Nadja WallaszkovitsBoard of Governors2018
Frank WellsFellowship2018
Mark DavisSilver Medal2017
Linda GedemerBoard of Governors2017
Malcolm Omar HawksfordGold Medal2017
Philip JacksonBoard of Governors2017
Maurycy KinBoard of Governors2017
Wolfgang KlippelSilver Medal2017
Clair KreppsCitation2017
Tapio LokkiFellowship2017
Michael MacDonaldBoard of Governors2017
Michael MacDonaldBoard of Governors2017
Daniel Mapes-RiordanFellowship2017
Andres MayoBoard of Governors2017
Mandy ParnellFellowship2017
Ville PulkkiSilver Medal2017
Tim RyanBoard of Governors2017
Valerie TylerBoard of Governors2017
Toon van WaterschootBoard of Governors2017
Michael WilliamsBoard of Governors2017
Mark YongeDistinguished Service Medal2017
Jim AndersonBoard of Governors2016
Mauricio ArdilaFellowship2016
David BialikBoard of Governors2016
Diana DeutschGold Medal2016
Filippo FaziBoard of Governors2016
Andres Felipe MillanBoard of Governors2016
Dave FisherFellowship2016
Paul GalloBoard of Governors2016
Dorte HammershøiBoard of Governors2016
Patrick HegartyBoard of Governors2016
David JosephsonFellowship2016
Bob KatzFellowship2016
D. B. “Don” Keele, Jr.Gold Medal2016
Michael KellyBoard of Governors2016
Ralph KesslerFellowship2016
Bert KraaijpoelBoard of Governors2016
Brian C. J. MooreFellowship2016
Fabio NichollsBoard of Governors2016
Rozenn NicolFellowship2016
Sean OliveBoard of Governors2016
Kazuho OnoFellowship2016
Don PuluseSilver Medal2016
Juan San MartinCitation2016
Neil ShawBoard of Governors2016
Natalia SoteloCitation2016
Humberto TeranCitation2016
Valerie TylerBoard of Governors2016
Linda GedemerCitation2015
William (Bill) F. Hanley, Jr.Fellowship2015
Michael KellyBoard of Governors2015
Bozena KostekBoard of Governors2015
Cesar LamschteinCitation2015
Bob LudwigGold Medal2015
Peter MappBoard of Governors2015
David MoultonFellowship2015
Valeria PalominoBoard of Governors2015
Agnieszka RoginskaFellowship2015
Lauri SaviojaBoard of Governors2015
Ulrike K. SchwarzFellowship2015
Howard ShermanCitation2015
Jeff M. SmithBoard of Governors2015
Sascha SporsBoard of Governors2015
Jorge UrbanoBoard of Governors2015
Wieslaw WoszczykBoard of Governors2015
Umberto ZanghieriBoard of Governors2015
Umberto ZanghieriBoard of Governors2015
Tom AmmermanFellowship2014
Jim AndersonBoard of Governors2014
Jim AndersonBoard of Governors2014
Juha BackmanBoard of Governors2014
Karlheinz BrandenburgBoard of Governors2014
Alex CaseFellowship2014
Mark F. DavisFellowship2014
Christian DittmarCitation2014
Gyorgy FazekasCitation2014
Natanya FordFellowship2014
Christopher FreitagCitation2014
Roger FurnessDistinguished Service Medal2014
Mark GanderBronze Medal2014
Tin JonkerBoard of Governors2014
Jim KaiserFellowship2014
Bob LeeFellowship2014
Steve LillywhiteHonorary Membership2014
Peter MappBronze Medal2014
Subir PramanikDistinguished Service Medal2014
Francis RumseyBronze Medal2014
Francis RumseyBoard of Governors2014
Mark SandlerBoard of Governors2014
Dietrich SchüllerFellowship2014
Bruce SwedienFellowship2014
Floyd TooleGold Medal2014
Edmund WellyFellowship2014
James YearyFellowship2014
William CrabtreeBoard of Governors2013
Laurence FinchamSilver Medal2013
Michael FlemingBoard of Governors2013
Janos GyoriBoard of Governors2013
Michael KellyBoard of Governors2013
Bozena KostekCitation2013
Zbigniew KulkaFellowship2013
Theresa LeonardFellowship2013
Joel A. LewitzFellowship2013
Jim McTigueBoard of Governors2013
Jan Abildgaard PedersenBoard of Governors2013
Lauri SaviojaFellowship2013
Robert B. SchuleinBronze Medal2013
Timothy ShuttleworthFellowship2013
Floyd TooleGold Medal2013
Valerie TylerBoard of Governors2013
Ronald E. UhligHonorary Membership2013
Rudolph Van GelderGold Medal2013
Umberto ZanghieriBoard of Governors2013
Umberto ZanghieriCitation2013
Juha BackmanFellowship2012
David BialikFellowship2012
Nathan BrockBoard of Governors2012
Kyungwhoon CheunBoard of Governors2012
Poppy CrumFellowship2012
Ricardo EscallonBoard of Governors2012
Julius (Jay) P. FoutsBoard of Governors2012
Woon-Seng GanFellowship2012
Carlos Indio GauvronCitation2012
Cesar LamschteinBoard of Governors2012
Garry MargolisFellowship2012
Gunther MelendezBoard of Governors2012
Jorge MorenoFellowship2012
John (Jong-Hoon) OhBoard of Governors2012
Ville PulkkiBoard of Governors2012
Michael SantucciBoard of Governors2012
Jeff M. SmithBoard of Governors2012
John StorykFellowship2012
Vesa ValimakiFellowship2012
John VanderkooyDistinguished Service Medal2012
Marcela ZorroBoard of Governors2012
Marc AubortFellowship2011
Jan BergBoard of Governors2011
Karlheinz BrandenburgBoard of Governors2011
Andrze BrzoskaFellowship2011
Robin CaineBronze Medal2011
Peter EasttyFellowship2011
Geoff EmerickFellowship2011
Christof FallerFellowship2011
Gary GottliebCitation2011
Kimio HamasakiBoard of Governors2011
Harry HirschFellowship2011
Toru KamekawaBoard of Governors2011
Michael KellyBoard of Governors2011
Frank LaicoHonorary Membership2011
Michael LannieFellowship2011
Aki MakivirtaFellowship2011
Peter MappBoard of Governors2011
Andres MayoCitation2011
Jim McTigueBoard of Governors2011
Glenn MeadowsFellowship2011
Rupert NeveGold Medal2011
Eugene PatronisFellowship2011
Ronald PrentFellowship2011
Don PuluseFellowship2011
Phil RamoneGold Medal2011
Sandra RequaCitation2011
Mark SandlerBoard of Governors2011
Yoshizo "Steve" SohmaBronze Medal2011
Masami "Sam" ToyoshimaFellowship2011
Valerie TylerBoard of Governors2011
Saul WalkerSilver Medal2011
Ronald AartsSilver Medal2010
Wolfgang AhnertPublications Award2010
Joel Vieira de BritoBoard of Governors2010
Eddy BrixenBoard of Governors2010
Stefan FeistelPublications Award2010
John GrantFellowship2010
Steven GreenFellowship2010
Francisco Miranda KirchnerFellowship2010
Bozena KostekFellowship2010
Sir George MartinHonorary Membership2010
Jan Abildgaard PedersenBoard of Governors2010
Ville PulkkiFellowship2010
Josh ReissBoard of Governors2010
Agnieszka RoginskaBoard of Governors2010
John StrawnBoard of Governors2010
Ron StreicherDistinguished Service Medal2010
Hiroaki SuzukiBoard of Governors2010
Ambrose ThompsonPublications Award2010
Alan TrevenaBoard of Governors2010
Valerie TylerBoard of Governors2010
Salvador Castaneda ValdesCitation2010
Martin WohrBoard of Governors2010
Mark YongeFellowship2010
Ioan AllenSilver Medal2009
Jan BergBoard of Governors2009
Kalus BlasquizBoard of Governors2009
Peter CookBoard of Governors2009
Michael FlemingBoard of Governors2009
Kimio HamasakiBoard of Governors2009
Irv JoelDistinguished Service Medal2009
Steve JohnsonBoard of Governors2009
Jean-Marc JotFellowship2009
Toru KamekawaBoard of Governors2009
Michael C. KellyBoard of Governors2009
Francisco Miranda KirchnerBoard of Governors2009
Shinji KoyanoBoard of Governors2009
Tapio LokkiBoard of Governors2009
Andres MayoBoard of Governors2009
Juha MerimaaBoard of Governors2009
Shawn MurphyFellowship2009
Jiri OcenasekBoard of Governors2009
John OhBoard of Governors2009
John OhBoard of Governors2009
Mercedes OnoratoBoard of Governors2009
Jan Abildgaard PedersenBoard of Governors2009
Ray RayburnFellowship2009
Josh ReissBoard of Governors2009
Richard SandersBoard of Governors2009
Ivan StamacBronze Medal2009
Han TendelooDistinguished Service Medal2009
Joshua TidsburyBoard of Governors2009
Emil TorickDistinguished Service Medal2009
Jorge R. Urbano CalvaBoard of Governors2009
Rudolph Van GelderFellowship2009
Daniel WeissFellowship2009
Martin WoehrFellowship2009
Nick ZacharovBoard of Governors2009
Jonathan AbelFellowship2008
Jim AndersonBoard of Governors2008
Jens BlauertGold Medal2008
Werner DeutschBoard of Governors2008
Angelo FarinaFellowship2008
Roger S. Grinnip IIIPublications Award2008
Keith JohnsonSilver Medal2008
Rob MaherFellowship2008
Peter MappFellowship2008
George MassenburgGold Medal2008
Jay McKnightDistinguished Service Medal2008
Christoph MusialikFellowship2008
Neil ShawFellowship2008
Julius SmithFellowship2008
Gerald StanleyFellowship2008
Peter SwarteBoard of Governors2008
Guenther TheileSilver Medal2008
Alexander VoishvilloFellowship2008
William WhitlockFellowship2008
David BialikCitation2007
Graham BlythFellowship2007
Oscar BonelloFellowship2007
Claude CellierFellowship2007
Andrzej DobruckiFellowship2007
Libor HusnikCitation2007
Francisco Miranda KirchnerCitation2007
Bob LudwigFellowship2007
John MeyerSilver Medal2007
John MourjopoulosFellowship2007
Neil MuncyFellowship2007
Phil RamoneFellowship2007
Gerhard SteinkeGold Medal2007
John StrawnBoard of Governors2007
Ferenc TakacsBoard of Governors2007
Herman A. O. WilmsDistinguished Service Medal2007
Joerg WuttkeSilver Medal2007
Josef ZikovskyFellowship2007
Jim AndersonBoard of Governors2006
Jim AndersonFellowship2006
Eloi BatlleBoard of Governors2006
Luis Ortiz BerenguerBoard of Governors2006
Benjamin BernfeldBoard of Governors2006
Fabio BlasizzoPublications Award2006
Marshall BuckDistinguished Service Medal2006
John ChesterFellowship2006
Hrvoje DomitrovicBoard of Governors2006
Kevin GrossFellowship2006
John HallSilver Medal2006
Malcolm O. HawksfordSilver Medal2006
Tomlinson HolmanSilver Medal2006
Matti KarjalainenSilver Medal2006
Konstantin KounovCitation2006
Michel C. LavoiePublications Award2006
David MurphyFellowship2006
Rupert NeveFellowship2006
Scott G. NorcrossPublications Award2006
Mercedes OnoratoCitation2006
Jan Abildgaard PedersenBoard of Governors2006
Roy PrittsBoard of Governors2006
Schuyler QuackenbushFellowship2006
Gilbert A. SoulodrePublications Award2006
Michael WilliamsFellowship2006
Jan AdamczykBoard of Governors2005
Irina AldoshinaFellowship2005
Akira AsakuraFellowship2005
John GrantBoard of Governors2005
Kimio HamasakiFellowship2005
Bob MosesFellowship2005
John NunnDistinguished Service Medal2005
Johannes RomijnFellowship2005
Reinhard SahrBoard of Governors2005
Marianna SankiewiczFellowship2005
John StrawnBoard of Governors2005
Christopher StruckFellowship2005
Zoe ThrallBoard of Governors2005
Juergen WahlFellowship2005
James AngusFellowship2004
Barry BlesserPublications Award2004
Jim BrownFellowship2004
Ronald GohFellowship2004
George MassenburgFellowship2004
Ville PulkkiPublications Award2004
Daniel von RecklinghausenDistinguished Service Medal2004
Rhonda WilsonFellowship2004
Takeo YamamotoSilver Medal2004
Bill AllenBoard of Governors2003
John G. BeerendsPublications Award2003
John G. BeerendsFellowship2003
Roland BittoPublications Award2003
Rinus BooneFellowship2003
Marina BosiFellowship2003
Karlheinz BrandenburgPublications Award2003
Catherine ColomesPublications Award2003
Wesley DooleySilver Medal2003
Bernhard FeitenPublications Award2003
Julius (Jay) FoutsHonorary Membership2003
Jyri HuopaniemiBoard of Governors2003
Nickolay IvanovBoard of Governors2003
Michael KeyhlPublications Award2003
Theresa LeonardBoard of Governors2003
Arthur NgiamFellowship2003
Per RubakBoard of Governors2003
Christian SchmidmerPublications Award2003
Robert SherwoodHonorary Membership2003
Thomas SporerPublications Award2003
Gerhard StollPublications Award2003
Peter SwarteBoard of Governors2003
Thilo ThiedePublications Award2003
Floyd E. TooleBoard of Governors2003
William C. TreurnietPublications Award2003
Martin WohrBoard of Governors2003
Nick ZacharovBoard of Governors2003
Nick ZacharovFellowship2003
Daniel ZalayBoard of Governors2003
Eva Arato-BorsineBoard of Governors2002
Durand BegaultFellowship2002
Masahiro FujimotoBoard of Governors2002
Gabor HeckenastBoard of Governors2002
Ulrich HorbachFellowship2002
Helmut JahneFellowship2002
Elmar LealCitation2002
Hirokazu NakashimaCitation2002
Johan NielsenPublications Award2002
Roy PrittsBoard of Governors2002
Daniel QueenDistinguished Service Medal2002
Masaki (Mick) SawaguchiFellowship2002
Dietrich SchuellerBoard of Governors2002
Fritz SennheiserGold Medal2002
Gilbert SoulodreFellowship2002
Ronald StreicherBoard of Governors2002
Peter SvenssonPublications Award2002
Peter SwarteBoard of Governors2002
Roland TanCitation2002
Carson TaylorFellowship2002
Gunther TheileBoard of Governors2002
Heinz H.K. ThieleCitation2002
Roberto BeppatoFellowship2001
Elizabeth CohenCitation2001
Doug CookBoard of Governors2001
Jeremy CooperstockCitation2001
Martin DietzFellowship2001
Wesley DooleyFellowship2001
Biserka FlajpanCitation2001
Akira FukadaFellowship2001
Miloslav M. KulhanCitation2001
Patricia MacdonaldHonorary Membership2001
Josef MerhautFellowship2001
Rob MetkemeijerFellowship2001
Eichi MiyasakaFellowship2001
Bob MosesBoard of Governors2001
Gerhard PicklappCitation2001
Subir PramanikFellowship2001
Zack SettelCitation2001
Stephen SpackmanCitation2001
Hiroaki SuzukiFellowship2001
Ernst-Joachim VoelkerBoard of Governors2001
Martin WohrBoard of Governors2001
Wieslaw WoszczykCitation2001
Aoxiang XuCitation2001
Junichi YoshioFellowship2001
Irina AldoshinaCitation2000
Kira AsakuraCitation2000
Eric BenjaminFellowship2000
Philip Jeffrey BloomFellowship2000
Marina BosiBoard of Governors2000
Karlheinz BrandenburgBoard of Governors2000
Laurel Cash-JonesDistinguished Service Medal2000
Andrzej CzyzewskiFellowship2000
Markus ErneFellowship2000
Bernhard GrillFellowship2000
Sidney HarmanHonorary Membership2000
Malcolm Omar HawksfordPublications Award2000
Toshio KikutaCitation2000
Kathleen MackayBoard of Governors2000
Gavin R. PutlandPublications Award2000
Mark SandlerFellowship2000
John SnellFellowship2000
Ivan StamacFellowship2000
Vytautas StauskisCitation2000
Chet AtkinsHonorary Membership1999
Juha BackmanBoard of Governors1999
Harold BoxerFellowship1999
Rod BrownBoard of Governors1999
Jerry BruckFellowship1999
Peter G. CravenPublications Award1999
Diemer de VriesFellowship1999
Michael A. GerzonPublications Award1999
Christer GrewinFellowship1999
Villy HansenFellowship1999
Jyri HuopaniemiCitation1999
Kees A. Schouhamer ImminkGold Medal1999
Irving L. JoelBronze Medal1999
Matti KarjalainenFellowship1999
Lorin MaazelHonorary Membership1999
Helen MeyerCitation1999
Norio OhgaHonorary Membership1999
Mara RahkilaCitation1999
David RobinsonBoard of Governors1999
Peter G. Schreiner, IIIFellowship1999
Steve (Yoshizo) SohmaFellowship1999
Ferenc TakacsCitation1999
Han TendelooBoard of Governors1999
Valerie TylerBoard of Governors1999
Jan VoetmannBoard of Governors1999
Nick ZacharovBoard of Governors1999
Ronald AartsFellowship1998
Karlheinz BrandenburgSilver Medal1998
Rod BrownBoard of Governors1998
Jerry BruckFellowship1998
Russell O. HammBoard of Governors1998
Aurika HaysBoard of Governors1998
David S. JohnsonBoard of Governors1998
Ken C. PohlmanBoard of Governors1998
Douglas PreisFellowship1998
Roy PrittsFellowship1998
Daniel QueenCitation1998
Marianna SankiewiczCitation1998
Gerhard StollFellowship1998
Kunimaro TanakaSilver Medal1998
Van WebsterBoard of Governors1998
Jens BlauertFellowship1997
Eddy Bogh BrixenBoard of Governors1997
Douglas ButtonFellowship1997
Laurel Cash-JonesCitation1997
Stefan de KoningFellowship1997
William GardnerPublications Award1997
Jurgen HerreFellowship1997
Wolfgang HoegFellowship1997
James JohnstonFellowship1997
Wolfgang KlippelFellowship1997
Christopher LanghartBoard of Governors1997
Elmar LealCitation1997
Cal PerkinsFellowship1997
Donald J. PlunkettDistinguished Service Medal1997
Henrick StaffeldtFellowship1997
Akihiko TakasuBoard of Governors1997
Gunther TheileBoard of Governors1997
Craig ToddFellowship1997
Van WebsterBoard of Governors1997
Herman A.O. WilmsBronze Medal1997
John WoodgateFellowship1997
Robert AdamsPublications Award1996
Soren BechFellowship1996
Dennis A. BohnFellowship1996
Hamilton BrosiousBoard of Governors1996
Robin CaineFellowship1996
John ChesterBoard of Governors1996
Carolyn DavisFellowship1996
Cor L. DoesburgBoard of Governors1996
Donald M. EgerFellowship1996
Michael FalkBoard of Governors1996
David GriesingerFellowship1996
David GriesingerSilver Medal1996
Russell O. HammBoard of Governors1996
Torn KwanPublications Award1996
Bart N. LocanthiGold Medal1996
Sean E. OliveFellowship1996
Subir PramanikBoard of Governors1996
Richard H. SmallGold Medal1996
Steve (Yoshizo) SohmaBoard of Governors1996
John StrawnFellowship1996
Ronald StreicherFellowship1996
Robert StuartFellowship1996
Jean-Claude ThoboisBoard of Governors1996
Floyd E. TooleSilver Medal1996
Arthur van MaurikBoard of Governors1996
Wieslaw WoszczykFellowship1996
Wladyslaw WygnanskiFellowship1996
Takeo YamamotoBoard of Governors1996
Robert AdamsSilver Medal1995
Wolfgang AhnertFellowship1995
Jeffrey BarishFellowship1995
Benjamin BernfeldBronze Medal1995
John BonnerFellowship1995
Marc BonnevillePublications Award1995
Marina BosiBoard of Governors1995
Elizabeth CohenFellowship1995
Leo de Gar KulkaFellowship1995
Vance DickasonCitation1995
Neil GilchristFellowship1995
Arthur GruberDistinguished Service Medal1995
Bruce HoferFellowship1995
John MoselyFellowship1995
Sean E. OlivePublications Award1995
David RobinsonBoard of Governors1995
Torn RoseberryBoard of Governors1995
Francis RumseyFellowship1995
Sharon SallyPublications Award1995
David ScheirmanBoard of Governors1995
Peter SchuckPublications Award1995
David SchwindFellowship1995
Ronald StreicherBronze Medal1995
Han TendelooBoard of Governors1995
Akira AsakuraBoard of Governors1994
Soren BechBoard of Governors1994
Roberto BeppatoBoard of Governors1994
Gualtiero BerlinghiniBoard of Governors1994
Peter BlackmoreBoard of Governors1994
Karlheinz BrandenburgFellowship1994
Marshall BuckFellowship1994
Laurel Cash-JonesFellowship1994
Friedrich K. EngelFellowship1994
Leonard FeldmanBoard of Governors1994
Roger K. FurnessFellowship1994
Mark R. GanderFellowship1994
Irving L. JoelBoard of Governors1994
Stanley P. LipshitzPublications Award1994
John T. MullinSilver Medal1994
Reinhard O. SahrBoard of Governors1994
Reinhard O. SahrFellowship1994
Gunther TheileFellowship1994
A. Neville ThieleSilver Medal1994
Heinz H.K. ThieleBoard of Governors1994
John VanderkooyPublications Award1994
Robert A. WannamakerPublications Award1994
Peter J. BaxandallSilver Medal1993
John J. BubbersDistinguished Service Medal1993
Raymond E. CookeSilver Medal1993
Peter D'AntonioFellowship1993
Leo de Gar KulkaBoard of Governors1993
Carl G. EilersFellowship1993
Gabor HeckenastFellowship1993
Erwin KerschbaumBoard of Governors1993
Wolfgang KlippelPublications Award1993
Helmut KruegerHonorary Membership1993
Stanley P. LipshitzSilver Medal1993
Ilpo MartikainenFellowship1993
Kurt MasurHonorary Membership1993
Fancher MurrayFellowship1993
Douglas D. RifeFellowship1993
John VanderkooySilver Medal1993
Joerg WuttkeFellowship1993
Takeaki AnazawaSilver Medal1992
Jeffrey A. BakerBoard of Governors1992
Jerry BruckBoard of Governors1992
Richard C. CabotBoard of Governors1992
E. Carel DijkmansFellowship1992
Ray M. DolbyGold Medal1992
Robert O. FehrDistinguished Service Medal1992
Louis D. FielderFellowship1992
Masahiro FujimotoBoard of Governors1992
Daniel W. GravereauxBronze Medal1992
Brian K. HormanBoard of Governors1992
Kees A. Schouhamer ImminkSilver Medal1992
John P. NunnFellowship1992
Douglas D. RifePublications Award1992
Tim SheltonFellowship1992
Tamas TarnoczyHonorary Membership1992
Jean-Claude ThoboisBoard of Governors1992
John VanderkooyPublications Award1992
Robert AdamsFellowship1991
Alex BalsterBoard of Governors1991
John D. Jr. BullockFellowship1991
David ClarkBoard of Governors1991
Robert O. FehrHonorary Membership1991
Leonard FeldmanFellowship1991
Robert A. FingerFellowship1991
Michael A. GerzonGold Medal1991
Kenneth JacobPublications Award1991
Kenneth JacobFellowship1991
J.H.M. JanssenFellowship1991
Peter JossBoard of Governors1991
Wolfgang KraakHonorary Membership1991
James A. MoorerSilver Medal1991
Ole Juhl PedersenFellowship1991
Luciano PeregoFellowship1991
John W. ReiserBoard of Governors1991
Mario RossiBoard of Governors1991
Ann SmythCitation1991
Ronald StreicherBoard of Governors1991
John WatkinsonFellowship1991
Bernard WeingartnerFellowship1991
Wieslaw WoszczykBoard of Governors1991
Eberhard ZwickerGold Medal1991
Glen BallouBoard of Governors1990
Michael DorroughFellowship1990
Robert A. FingerBronze Medal1990
Randall HoffnerBoard of Governors1990
Masaru IbukaHonorary Membership1990
Yoshinobu IshidaFellowship1990
Kenneth JacobFellowship1990
Bart N. LocanthiSilver Medal1990
John G. McKnightBoard of Governors1990
Sean E. OlivePublications Award1990
Victor M.A. PeutzSilver Medal1990
Skip PizziBoard of Governors1990
Ken C. PohlmanFellowship1990
Dan PopescuFellowship1990
Reinhard O. SahrBoard of Governors1990
John StrawnBoard of Governors1990
Heinz H.K. ThieleFellowship1990
Jean-Claude ThoboisBoard of Governors1990
Floyd E. ToolePublications Award1990
Marshall BuckBoard of Governors1989
Andrew DuncanPublications Award1989
Francois EckertBoard of Governors1989
Susumu MatsuokaBoard of Governors1989
John McClureFellowship1989
H. Peter MeisingerFellowship1989
Heitaro NakajimaGold Medal1989
Ken C. PohlmanBoard of Governors1989
Rune E.T RosanderFellowship1989
Mario RossiFellowship1989
William SavoryFellowship1989
Karl SchwartzFellowship1989
Johannes P. SinjouGold Medal1989
Joseph SundayBoard of Governors1989
Jean-Claude ThoboisBoard of Governors1989
Peter J. WalkerSilver Medal1989
Takeo YamamotoBoard of Governors1989
Titia K.S. BakkerBronze Medal1988
Barry A. BlesserBoard of Governors1988
Per V. BruelSilver Medal1988
Laurel Cash-JonesBoard of Governors1988
John M. EargleBoard of Governors1988
J. Jacek FigwerFellowship1988
Larry R. FrandsenBoard of Governors1988
Roger K. FurnessBoard of Governors1988
Earl GeddesFellowship1988
Arie J.M. KaizerFellowship1988
David H. KayeFellowship1988
Bart N. LocanthiBoard of Governors1988
John ProhsFellowship1988
Thomas G. Jr. StockhamBoard of Governors1988
Floyd E. ToolePublications Award1988
Chris Van de LestCitation1988
William E. WindsorFellowship1988
Robert AdamsPublications Award1987
Robert BerkovitzFellowship1987
Jacques-Robert DewevreFellowship1987
Sidney FeldmanBronze Medal1987
John C.G. GilbertBronze Medal1987
Ralph GittlemanFellowship1987
Tony GriffithsFellowship1987
Kenneth GundryFellowship1987
Malcolm Omar HawksfordFellowship1987
David L. KlepperSilver Medal1987
Jacob RabinowFellowship1987
Reinhard O. SahrBoard of Governors1987
David M. SmithFellowship1987
Thomas G. Jr. StockhamGold Medal1987
Robert AdamsPublications Award1986
Wilhelm AndriessenFellowship1986
Friedrich W.O. BauchHonorary Membership1986
Diana DeutschFellowship1986
Richard GarridoBoard of Governors1986
Grover HarnedFellowship1986
John K. HilliardHonorary Membership1986
Alf KurzederFellowship1986
Barney PishaFellowship1986
Gerhard SteinkeFellowship1986
John VanderkooyFellowship1986
Sten WahlstromFellowship1986
Amar BoseHonorary Membership1985
Carl CeoenFellowship1985
David ClarkFellowship1985
Emory CookSilver Medal1985
Hugh FordFellowship1985
Hermann R. FranzHonorary Membership1985
John G. FrayneHonorary Membership1985
John FrenchBoard of Governors1985
Kees A. Schouhamer ImminkFellowship1985
Cornelis P. JansePublications Award1985
Arie J.M. KaizerPublications Award1985
Friedrich KronesHonorary Membership1985
Francis E. LeeSilver Medal1985
Dale ManquenBoard of Governors1985
Harry McCuneHonorary Membership1985
Jacob MengerBoard of Governors1985
John MeyerFellowship1985
Douglas PreisPublications Award1985
Douglas SaxHonorary Membership1985
Claude E. ShannonGold Medal1985
Glyn AdamsPublications Award1984
Peter K. BurkowitzHonorary Membership1984
Max ByerCertificate of Appreciation1984
Robert Trabue DavisBoard of Governors1984
Toshi T. DoiSilver Medal1984
John M. EargleBronze Medal1984
Richard FactorFellowship1984
Martin FouqueFellowship1984
Richard GreinerFellowship1984
John HallFellowship1984
Russell O. HammFellowship1984
Cyril M. HarrisGold Medal1984
Philip M.S. HedgelandFellowship1984
Brian IngoldsbyFellowship1984
Stefan KudelskiGold Medal1984
Guy McNallyFellowship1984
Christopher MooreFellowship1984
Stephen P.B. RoePublications Award1984
Joerg SennheiserFellowship1984
Kunimaro TanakaFellowship1984
Han TendelooBoard of Governors1984
Jiri TichyFellowship1984
Emil L. TorickBronze Medal1984
Ted UzzleFellowship1984
Bjorn BluthgenFellowship1983
John M. BowsherFellowship1983
Carolyn DavisBoard of Governors1983
Larry R. FrandsenBoard of Governors1983
Wilhelm FranzHonorary Membership1983
Rudolf GorikeHonorary Membership1983
Max GrundigHonorary Membership1983
Richard C. HeyserSilver Medal1983
Roger LagadecFellowship1983
George MalingFellowship1983
Max MathewsFellowship1983
Angus McKenzieFellowship1983
Milton T. PutnamHonorary Membership1983
G.A.V. SowterFellowship1983
Theo StaarFellowship1983
Roland ZavadaFellowship1983
Hugh S. Jr. AllenHonorary Membership1982
Rudiger BarthBoard of Governors1982
Cecil R. CableFellowship1982
Almon H. CleggFellowship1982
Duane H. CooperGold Medal1982
Jacques-Robert DewevreBoard of Governors1982
Werner H. FreitagBoard of Governors1982
Hans-Joachim GrieseSilver Medal1982
Clifford A. HenricksenFellowship1982
W. Rex IsomBronze Medal1982
James M. KatesFellowship1982
Geoffrey M. LangdonFellowship1982
Jacques LemonneFellowship1982
Stanley P. LipshitzFellowship1982
Bart N. LocanthiBoard of Governors1982
John G. McKnightPublications Award1982
John H. NakamuraBoard of Governors1982
Victor M.A. PeutzFellowship1982
Joerg SennheiserBronze Medal1982
Fritz P. SipplFellowship1982
Richard H. SmallSilver Medal1982
Willi StuderGold Medal1982
Eberhard ZwickerHonorary Membership1982
Raymond W. BayliffFellowship1981
James W. BeauchampFellowship1981
Barry A. BlesserSilver Medal1981
Paul C. BuffFellowship1981
Timothy A. ColeBoard of Governors1981
Julius FuttermanFellowship1981
Jan J. GelukFellowship1981
Hans-Joachim GrieseFellowship1981
David HarrisonFellowship1981
Wayne HetrichFellowship1981
Tomlinson HolmanFellowship1981
Arthur C. KellerGold Medal1981
James A. MoorerPublications Award1981
Harold F. Jr. MosierFellowship1981
Martin PolonBoard of Governors1981
Jean W. RemouitBoard of Governors1981
William L. RobinsonHonorary Membership1981
Naraji SakamotoFellowship1981
Melvin C. SprinkleFellowship1981
Derek TilsleyBronze Medal1981
Ernst-Joachim VoelkerFellowship1981
Herman A.O. WilmsBoard of Governors1981
Ioan R. AllenFellowship1980
Peter J. BaxandallFellowship1980
Michael BermanPublications Award1980
Benjamin BernfeldFellowship1980
Gregory A. BogantzFellowship1980
Richard C. CabotFellowship1980
Richard T. CassidyFellowship1980
Almon H. CleggBoard of Governors1980
Max CohenBoard of Governors1980
Raymond E. CookeBronze Medal1980
Toshi T. DoiFellowship1980
Howard M. DurbinBoard of Governors1980
Lawrence R. FinchamBoard of Governors1980
Lawrence R. FinchamFellowship1980
Lawrence R. FinchamPublications Award1980
Edward J. FosterFellowship1980
Werner H. FreitagFellowship1980
J. James GibsonFellowship1980
Oskar HeilHonorary Membership1980
Bent HertzFellowship1980
Takeshi ItowFellowship1980
J. Christopher JaffeeFellowship1980
Hans C. JorgensenFellowship1980
Derk KleisFellowship1980
Geoffrey M. LangdonBoard of Governors1980
W. Marshall Jr. LeachFellowship1980
Leonard M. MarcusHonorary Membership1980
Susumu MatsuokaFellowship1980
Robert A. MoogSilver Medal1980
James A. MoorerFellowship1980
Harold MosierBoard of Governors1980
Gerd M. NathanFellowship1980
Erland K. PerssonFellowship1980
Erik A. PorterfieldBoard of Governors1980
Walter L. RandHonorary Membership1980
David RobinsonFellowship1980
Robert RypinskiBoard of Governors1980
Robert B. SchuleinBoard of Governors1980
Fritz SennheiserHonorary Membership1980
Joerg SennheiserBoard of Governors1980
Donovan E.L. ShorterFellowship1980
Kobert Reyneirson SmithHonorary Membership1980
Jiri StruskaHonorary Membership1980
Erich R. VoglFellowship1980
Peter J. WalkerFellowship1980
Yoshiharu AbeFellowship1979
Barry A. BlesserPublications Award1979
Jean BonzonCitation1979
John N. BorwickFellowship1979
Pierre BoulezHonorary Membership1979
John M. BowsherCitation1979
Richard H. CampbellFellowship1979
Jacques-Robert DewevreCitation1979
Masahiro FujimotoFellowship1979
Masuo HayashiCitation1979
Alastair M. HeaslettFellowship1979
Walter G. JungFellowship1979
D. Broadus Jr. KeeleFellowship1979
John G. McKnightHonorary Membership1979
John F. PfeifferFellowship1979
Bradley PlunkettFellowship1979
Donald W. PowersHonorary Membership1979
Michael RettingerHonorary Membership1979
Fritz P. SipplCitation1979
Daniel B. TalbotFellowship1979
A. Neville ThieleFellowship1979
Emil L. TorickHonorary Membership1979
Ronald H. TurnpennyFellowship1979
Saul WalkerFellowship1979
Alan D. BlumleinCitation1978
Peter K. BurkowitzCitation1978
Peter K. BurkowitzBronze Medal1978
John M. EargleHonorary Membership1978
Michael A. GerzonFellowship1978
Jerome B. HalterFellowship1978
Ryosuke ItoFellowship1978
Mead C. KillionFellowship1978
Paul W. KlipschSilver Medal1978
Hugh S. KnowlesGold Medal1978
DeWitt F. MorrisCitation1978
Ethel R. MorrisCitation1978
Matti N.T. OtalaFellowship1978
Douglas PreisPublications Award1978
Thomas G. Jr. StockhamFellowship1978
Daniel R. von RecklinghausenGold Medal1978
Robert L. Jr. WallaceFellowship1978
Walter L. WelchHonorary Membership1978
Leon A. WortmanFellowship1978
George L. AugspurgerFellowship1977
Alex BalsterFellowship1977
Klaus BertramFellowship1977
Victor BrocinerCitation1977
John J. BubbersCitation1977
Mahlon D. BurkhardFellowship1977
Abraham B. CohenFellowship1977
Lothar W. CremerHonorary Membership1977
James CunninghamFellowship1977
Robert O. FehrBronze Medal1977
Nico V. FranssenFellowship1977
Albert GrundyFellowship1977
Arthur C. HaddyHonorary Membership1977
Toshiya InoueSilver Medal1977
Stefan KudelskiHonorary Membership1977
Richard MarcucciFellowship1977
Edmond A. MayFellowship1977
Etsuro NakamichiFellowship1977
Donald J. PlunkettHonorary Membership1977
Horst RedlichSilver Medal1977
Walter ReichardtHonorary Membership1977
Jean W. RemouitFellowship1977
Karl SchoepsFellowship1977
Robert B. SchuleinFellowship1977
Robert B. SchuleinPublications Award1977
Richard H. SmallPublications Award1977
Han TendelooFellowship1977
Herbert von KarajanHonorary Membership1977
James V. WhiteFellowship1977
Bert WhyteFellowship1977
Klaus J. WischgollFellowship1977
Takeo YamamotoFellowship1977
Hugh S. Jr. AllenBronze Medal1976
Karl Otto BaderFellowship1976
David E BlackmerFellowship1976
Per V. BruelHonorary Membership1976
Duane H. CooperHonorary Membership1976
Howard M. DurbinFellowship1976
Robert O. FehrFellowship1976
John G. FrayneGold Medal1976
John C.G. GilbertFellowship1976
Katsuya (Vic) GohFellowship1976
Jacqueline HarveyCitation1976
W. Rex IsomHonorary Membership1976
Vitheim L. JordanFellowship1976
Gunter LutzkendorfFellowship1976
Erik R. MadsenHonorary Membership1976
Georg NeumannGold Medal1976
Eugene OrmandyHonorary Membership1976
Fritz SennheiserFellowship1976
Willi StuderSilver Medal1976
Herman A.O. WilmsFellowship1976
Hugh S. Jr. AllenCitation1975
Titia K.S. BakkerCitation1975
G. Allan BallantineFellowship1975
Gilbert A. BriggsHonorary Membership1975
Richard W. BurdenFellowship1975
Elmer CarlsonFellowship1975
Raymond E. CookeFellowship1975
Avery FisherHonorary Membership1975
Edward C. FoxFellowship1975
Mark B. GardnerHonorary Membership1975
Daniel W. GravereauxFellowship1975
Arthur E. GruberBronze Medal1975
Howard S. HolzerCitation1975
Hal KaitchuckFellowship1975
D. Broadus Jr. KeelePublications Award1975
Saul B. MarantzFellowship1975
John W. MaunderFellowship1975
John W. MaunderCitation1975
DeWitt F. MorrisFellowship1975
John T. MullinCitation1975
John T. MullinHonorary Membership1975
Johan L. OomsHonorary Membership1975
Alexander M. PoniatoffHonorary Membership1975
Donald L. RichterFellowship1975
Dorothy H. SpronckCitation1975
Joseph F. WellsFellowship1975
Geoffrey L. WilsonFellowship1975
John M. WoramFellowship1975
George AlexandrovichFellowship1974
C. Roger AndersonFellowship1974
Karl Otto BaderCitation1974
Donald A. BarlowFellowship1974
George W. BartlettCitation1974
Klaus BertramCitation1974
Barry A. BlesserPublications Award1974
John J. BubbersAES Award1974
John C.G. GilbertCitation1974
Floyd K. HarveyGold Medal1974
Toshiya InoueFellowship1974
Francis E. LeePublications Award1974
John W. MaunderCitation1974
James MoirFellowship1974
John H. NakamuraFellowship1974
James F. NovakFellowship1974
Tomas SalavaFellowship1974
Takeo ShigaSilver Medal1974
Paul G.A.H. VoightHonorary Membership1974
Klaus J. WischgollCitation1974
Roy F. AllisonFellowship1973
William S. BachmanHonorary Membership1973
Peter K. BurkowitzFellowship1973
Richard S. BurwenFellowship1973
Edward Tatnail CanbyFellowship1973
Murray G. CrosbyHonorary Membership1973
C. Robert FineFellowship1973
Arthur C. HaddyFellowship1973
Cyril M. HarrisHonorary Membership1973
Irving L. JoelFellowship1973
Erik R. MadsenSilver Medal1973
Edmund W. MortimerFellowship1973
Kenzo NagaiHonorary Membership1973
Robert A. OrbanFellowship1973
Donald W. PowersBronze Medal1973
Henry E. RoysGold Medal1973
Arnold SchwartzFellowship1973
Ludwig W. SepmeyerFellowship1973
Takeo ShigaFellowship1973
Richard H. SmallFellowship1973
J. Guy WoodwardHonorary Membership1973
J. Robert AshleyFellowship1972
Cedric R. BastiaansFellowship1972
Benjamin B. BauerHonorary Membership1972
Barry A. BlesserFellowship1972
Murray G. CrosbyFellowship1972
Donald B. DavisFellowship1972
David HaflerFellowship1972
Irving L. JoelCitation1972
Hugh S. KnowlesHonorary Membership1972
Winston E. KockHonorary Membership1972
Bart N. LocanthiFellowship1972
Johan L. OomsAES Award1972
Henry E. RoysHonorary Membership1972
Peter ScheiberFellowship1972
Manfred R. SchroederGold Medal1972
Edgar M. VillchurSilver Medal1972
Percy WilsonHonorary Membership1972
Hugh S. Jr. AllenFellowship1971
Leo L. BeranekGold Medal1971
Ray M. DolbySilver Medal1971
Ray M. DolbyFellowship1971
John M. EargleFellowship1971
William S. HalsteadFellowship1971
Edward R. HansonFellowship1971
W. Rex IsomFellowship1971
John P. JarvisFellowship1971
John P. JarvisAES Award1971
Erik R. MadsenFellowship1971
John G. McKnightAES Award1971
Georg NeumannHonorary Membership1971
Erik A. PorterfieldFellowship1971
Donald W. PowersFellowship1971
Donald W. PowersCitation1971
Peter W. TappanFellowship1971
Stephen F. TemmerFellowship1971
Fred P. BeguinFellowship1970
Rudi T. BozakJohn H. Potts1970
Marvin CamrasHonorary Membership1970
John D. ColvinCitation1970
William G. DilleyFellowship1970
Mark B. GardnerFellowship1970
Arthur C. HaddyEmile Berliner1970
Philip KantrowitzFellowship1970
David L. KlepperFellowship1970
James J. NobleFellowship1970
Arnold P.G. PetersonFellowship1970
Daniel QueenFellowship1970
William L. RobinsonFellowship1970
Willi StuderFellowship1970
Charles F. SwisherFellowship1970
Edward H. UeckeHonorary Membership1970
Percy WilsonFellowship1970
George W. BartlettFellowship1969
John J. BubbersFellowship1969
Marvin CamrasJohn H. Potts1969
Peter C. GoldmarkHonorary Membership1969
Arthur E. GruberFellowship1969
William W. LangFellowship1969
Daniel W. MartinAES Award1969
Alex McKeeCitation1969
Robert B. MonroeFellowship1969
Robert A. MoogFellowship1969
Johan L. OomsFellowship1969
Arthur R. SoffelFellowship1969
Emil L. TorickFellowship1969
Charles F. WiebuschEmile Berliner1969
C. Paul BonerFellowship1968
Duane H. CooperEmile Berliner1968
William H. GreenbaumFellowship1968
Marvin R. HeadrickCitation1968
Earle L. KentFellowship1968
Erich LeinsdorfHonorary Membership1968
Carl S. NelsonFellowship1968
Harry W. PearsonFellowship1968
Arnold P.G. PetersonJohn H. Potts1968
Ralph A. SchlegalCitation1968
William SnowJohn H. Potts1968
John S. BoyersFellowship1967
L.R. BurroughsFellowship1967
Pierce EvansFellowship1967
Sherman M. FairchildHonorary Membership1967
Floyd K. HarveyAES Award1967
Keith O. JohnsonFellowship1967
Adolph R. MorganFellowship1967
Robert M. MorrisEmile Berliner1967
Hubert W. PierceFellowship1967
Samuel B. SnowJohn H. Potts1967
Alexander C. AngusFellowship1966
Warren L. BraunFellowship1966
Duane H. CooperFellowship1966
Ralph E. CousinoFellowship1966
Donald J. PlunkettAES Award1966
Horst RedlichFellowship1966
William L. RobinsonAES Award1966
Lawrence J. ScullyEmile Berliner1966
John E. VolkmannJohn H. Potts1966
Percy WilsonCitation1966
Rudi T. BozakFellowship1965
Frank A. ComerciFellowship1965
Walt DisneyHonorary Membership1965
Wesley M. FujiiFellowship1965
Howard S. HolzerFellowship1965
Frederick V. HuntJohn H. Potts1965
R.A. IsbergFellowship1965
Robert Z. LangevinFellowship1965
John T. MullinEmile Berliner1965
Harry F. OlsonAES Award1965
Hubert W. PierceAES Award1965
Chester A. RackeyCitation1965
Arthur W. SchneiderFellowship1965
Victor BrocinerFellowship1964
Norman H. DieterFellowship1964
Gilbert F. DuttonEmile Berliner1964
Ernst A. GuilleminHonorary Membership1964
Ronald D. KlumpenAES Award1964
Vern O. KnudsenJohn H. Potts1964
John E. VolkmannFellowship1964
George R. YenzerFellowship1964
Benjamin B. BauerJohn H. Potts1963
Edward E. Jr. DavidFellowship1963
Sherman M. FairchildFellowship1963
Richard C. HeyserFellowship1963
Irving L. JoelAES Award1963
Daniel W. MartinFellowship1963
Donald J. PlunkettFellowship1963
Michael RettingerFellowship1963
Manfred R. SchroederFellowship1963
J. Guy WoodwardEmile Berliner1963
Arthur C. DavisJohn H. Potts1962
Floyd K. HarveyFellowship1962
Arthur C. KellerEmile Berliner1962
Mahlon W. KenneyCitation1962
C.J. LeBelHonorary Membership1962
Ross H. SnyderAES Award1962
Emil P. VincentFellowship1962
Daniel R. von RecklinghausenFellowship1962
J. Guy WoodwardFellowship1962
Roy DallyEmile Berliner1961
Sherman M. FairchildAES Award1961
John K. HilliardJohn H. Potts1961
Frank C. McIntoshHonorary Membership1961
Frank C. McIntoshCitation1961
Walter O. StantonCitation1961
S.J. BegunJohn H. Potts1960
George A. BrettellFellowship1960
Otto W. KorneiHonorary Membership1960
John G. McKnightFellowship1960
William J. Jr. MorelandFellowship1960
Miklos RozsaHonorary Membership1960
Harvey Jr. SampsonAES Award1960
Rene SnepvangersEmile Berliner1960
Edgar M. VillchurFellowship1960
W.W. WetzelHonorary Membership1960
Daniel H. WiegandFellowship1960
John H. BeaumontFellowship1959
Leonard BernsteinHonorary Membership1959
E. Power BiggsHonorary Membership1959
Harold S. BlackJohn H. Potts1959
Norman H. CrowhurstFellowship1959
John G. FrayneEmile Berliner1959
Peter C. GoldmarkFellowship1959
Frank G. Jr. LennertFellowship1959
George LewinFellowship1959
C.G. McProudCitation1959
James A. MillerFellowship1959
Rein NarmaFellowship1959
Richard S. O'BrienFellowship1959
Milton T. PutnamFellowship1959
Walter T. SelstedFellowship1959
F. Langford SmithHonorary Membership1959
Walter O. StantonFellowship1959
Russell J. TinkhamFellowship1959
Glenn E. WallichsCertificate of Appreciation1959
William S. BachmanFellowship1958
Alan D. BlumleinCitation1958
Hendrik W. BodeHonorary Membership1958
Walter W. Jr. CarruthersCitation1958
Roy DallyFellowship1958
Charles C. DavisFellowship1958
Charles C. DavisEmile Berliner1958
Gilbert F. DuttonHonorary Membership1958
Harvey S. FletcherJohn H. Potts1958
John G. FrayneFellowship1958
James B. LansingCitation1958
Charles Jr. LaudaFellowship1958
William S. MiltenburgFellowship1958
Les PaulHonorary Membership1958
Bob Hugh SmithFellowship1958
Robert StephensCitation1958
Leopold StokowskiHonorary Membership1958
Loy E. BartonHonorary Membership1957
Chester BoggsFellowship1957
Herbert E. FarmerAES Award1957
Warren P. MasonHonorary Membership1957
Harry NyquistHonorary Membership1957
Harry F. OlsonHonorary Membership1957
Henry E. RoysEmile Berliner1957
Carleton K. SawyerAES Award1957
Edward C. WenteJohn H. Potts1957
Walter S. BarrellHonorary Membership1956
S.J. BegunEmile Berliner1956
Warren D. BirkenheadAES Award1956
Herbert E. FarmerCitation1956
O.B. HansonJohn H. Potts1956
J. Warren HortonHonorary Membership1956
Peter L. JensenHonorary Membership1956
J.A. PierceHonorary Membership1956
Edwin S. PridhamHonorary Membership1956
H. J. von BraunmuhlFellowship1956
H.J. von BraunmuhlHonorary Membership1956
Ralph E. AllisonFellowship1955
William S. BachmanEmile Berliner1955
Alexis BadmeiffFellowship1955
Leo L. BeranekHonorary Membership1955
Emmanuel BerlandtFellowship1955
William L. CaraCertificate of Recognition1955
Arthur C. DavisFellowship1955
Lee deForestJohn H. Potts1955
William L. EverittHonorary Membership1955
Sherman M. FairchildJohn H. Potts1955
C.T. KierulffCertificate of Recognition1955
Boyd E. McKnightCitation1955
William A. PalmerFellowship1955
Norman C. PickeringAES Award1955
Julius B. PostalFellowship1955
Harry N. ReizesCertificate of Recognition1955
Albert Sainte-HilaireFellowship1955
Albert St. HillaireFellowship1955
William V. StancilFellowship1955
F.E. TermanHonorary Membership1955
Howard M. TremaineFellowship1955
Edward H. UeckeFellowship1955
Benjamin B. BauerFellowship1954
Leo L. BeranekFellowship1954
Harold S. BlackHonorary Membership1954
Harry L. BryantFellowship1954
John D. ColvinAES Award1954
W. Robert DresserFellowship1954
Cyril M. HarrisFellowship1954
Richard F. HastingsCitation1954
Frederick V. HuntEmile Berliner1954
Edward W. KelloggFellowship1954
Hugh S. KnowlesFellowship1954
Harold J. LeakFellowship1954
Walter E. LehnertFellowship1954
Vincent J. LieblerFellowship1954
Theodore LindenbergFellowship1954
J.P. MaxfieldJohn H. Potts1954
C.G. McProudFellowship1954
William H. Jr. OffenhauserFellowship1954
Vincent SalmonFellowship1954
Ralph A. SchlegalFellowship1954
Harold T. ShermanCitation1954
W. Oliver SummerlinFellowship1954
Howard A. ChinnFellowship1953
Harry C. HarrisonEmile Berliner1953
Edward W. KelloggJohn H. Potts1953
C.J. LeBelFellowship1953
C.G. McProudAES Award1953
Chester A. RackeyFellowship1953
Henry E. RoysFellowship1953
Edward C. WenteHonorary Membership1953
W. Lindsay BlackFellowship1952
Harold Burris-MyerFellowship1952
Frank L. CappsJohn H. Potts1952
Isabel CappsFellowship1952
James Y. DunbarFellowship1952
Price E. FishFellowship1952
Harvey S. FletcherHonorary Membership1952
Ernest W. FranckFellowship1952
Lewis S. GoodfriendFellowship1952
John K. HilliardFellowship1952
Frederick V. HuntHonorary Membership1952
William F. JordanFellowship1952
Vern O. KnudsenHonorary Membership1952
Samuel F. LybargerFellowship1952
John T. MullinFellowship1952
Harry F. OlsonFellowship1952
Norman C. PickeringFellowship1952
John PrestonFellowship1952
Albert A. PulleyFellowship1952
Richard H. RangerFellowship1952
H.I. ReiskindFellowship1952
Carleton K. SawyerFellowship1952
Ralph A. SchlegalAES Award1952
Herman H. ScottFellowship1952
J.P. Jr. SmithFellowship1952
S. Edward SorensonFellowship1952
W. Earl StewartFellowship1952
Myron J. StolaroffFellowship1952
William J. TempleFellowship1952
F. Sumner HallAES Award1951
Herman H. ScottJohn H. Potts1951
Howard A. ChinnJohn H. Potts1950
Chester A. RackeyAES Award1950
C.J. LeBelAES Award1949
Harry F. OlsonJohn H. Potts1949
Jim StarzynskiBoard of Governors Award0
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