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AES Facebook Page

If you’re on Facebook then you’ve probably noticed the messages that say “John Smith likes U2”. Well now you can tell the world that you’re an AES member and proud of it! Just visit our Facebook page and click on the “Like” button at the top of the page. You will also then see occasional updates from the AES in your news feed so you’ll always be the first to know about things happening in the society.


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AES Instagram Channel

Instagram has become a great way for many people to stay abreast of what’s happening with the AES. All you have to do is follow us on Instagram. You will then be among the first to know about things happening in the society.

AES Youtube Channel

The AES occasionally uploads audio-related videos to our YouTube channel. If you have a YouTube account then you can subscribe to our videos and receive notification whenever a new video is uploaded.

AES LinkedIn Page

One of the primary goals of the AES is to help bring our members together at conventions and other smaller events such as conferences or section meetings. To help keep our members informed of everything going on at the AES,  we have created a LinkedIn Page to keep our professional network up to date on conferences, conventions, section events, and more AES updates. Please follow our page to keep up to date on the largest social media network for professionals. 

Follow @AESORG on X (Twitter)

Follow the AES on X here: @AESorg. When you send audio-related posts it helps to include “#AESorg” in your message so that others can find them. Once you start following @AESorg you will begin to see occasional updates from the AES in your X feed so you’ll always be the first to know about things happening in the society.


Remember – when you post about the AES – make sure to include #AESorg in your message! Follow @AESorg on X today!

The Audio Engineering Society’s social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube) offers members of AES and non-member visitors professional networking, sharing of resources and/or other engaging content, and exchanging of ideas and best practices. At no time should these platforms be used to house or distribute inappropriate content including (but not limited to) sales-oriented information; lewd, profane, or violent comments; personal attacks, including explicit or implicit discrimination; aggressive behavior; and/or spam.


AES reserves the right to monitor participation in its social media activities and remove any comments deemed inappropriate based on the discretion of AES staff only.


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