Semantic Analysis and Deep Learning

With the omnipresence of digital multimedia data, the processing, analysis, and understanding of such data by means of automated methods has become a central issue in engineering and computer science.

Archiving, Restoration and Digital Libraries

Archiving audio media is much more than indexing items and putting them on a shelf. It is about safeguarding our audible heritage, preserving the sound recordings of the centuries for the future and making them accessible.


A collection of resources on audio recording

Automotive Audio

Automotive audio is a highly complex topic, that goes far beyond just loudspeakers and amplifiers

Sound Field Control

Sound field control can be broadly interpreted as the process of creating a set of loudspeaker signals to create a certain listening experience over a listening area. The desired sound fields may be physically or perceptually defined, and can cover a wide range of use-cases.

Audio Coding

Audio Coding is a field at the intersection of many disciplines that has flourished and in the past 30 years by leveraging advances in research and technology.

Sound Quality Predition

Physical measurements often only tell part of the story; perceptual quality judgments made by human assessors are the gold standard. There’s been a great deal of work on listening test methodologies and statistical testing to ensure that perceptual measurements are reliable and consistent. However, performing such tests is expensive, time consuming, and requires expertise.

Audio Education

Approximately 23 percent of AES members are current or recent students, and the large numbers of students who attend AES conventions, coupled with the popularity of tutorial sessions, career-counseling and educational events at these major meetings, provide clear evidence that students are eager to pursue training and potential careers in audio.

Audio Forensics

Audio Forensics refers to engineering and scientific analysis, evaluation and presentation of audio and acoustic evidence in a judicial inquiry normally leading towards a presentation in court.

Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality is a rapidly growing market with applications not only in gaming and cinematic presentations, but also in music production, broadcast, social media, healthcare and education to name but a few. Spatial audio is an essential underlying technology for VR and AR, being used not only to give a strong sense of reality, but also to add ‘hyper-reality’ to make immersive experiences visceral and plausible.

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