Sound Quality Predition

Physical measurements often only tell part of the story; perceptual quality judgments made by human assessors are the gold standard. There’s been a great deal of work on listening test methodologies and statistical testing to ensure that perceptual measurements are reliable and consistent. However, performing such tests is expensive, time consuming, and requires expertise.

Sound Field Control

Sound field control can be broadly interpreted as the process of creating a set of loudspeaker signals to create a certain listening experience over a listening area. The desired sound fields may be physically or perceptually defined, and can cover a wide range of use-cases.


A collection of resources on audio recording

Semantic Analysis and Deep Learning

With the omnipresence of digital multimedia data, the processing, analysis, and understanding of such data by means of automated methods has become a central issue in engineering and computer science.

Preferred Loudspeaker Directivity

Loudspeakers radiate sound in multiple directions, not always equally.

Music Recording

For anyone interested in music recording, the E-Library is a well of treasures, containing collected experiences, thoughts and ideas about this subject.

Music Production for Emerging Audio Formats

Music production is changing. There have never been so many diverse avenues for creating and consuming music, both artistically and technologically. The world of recorded music has exploded to incorporate hi-res, streaming, spatial audio, binaural sound, interactive music, and object-based audio Our production tools and methods have evolved accordingly, sometimes driving new practices, and sometimes responding to innovative creative ideas.


Few audio topics make it to the political agenda, but that is what dramatic changes in the loudness of broadcast programs did ten years ago. Furthermore, the wide dynamic range of digital audio required a way of tackling the problem that would not cancel newly gained benefits.

High-Resolution Audio

Today, high resolution is a well-established part of both professional and high quality consumer audio, and the answers to the “why” of sound, its technical reproduction, and its relation to auditory perception are better understood.

Hearing and Hearing Loss Prevention

Our ability to hear is a crucial part of our lives and careers, but we all have difficulty hearing in some situations. Unfortunately, exposure to loud sounds (including music) can degrade our ability to hear and make those challenging situations even more so.

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