Audio Forensics

Audio Forensics refers to engineering and scientific analysis, evaluation and presentation of audio and acoustic evidence in a judicial inquiry normally leading towards a presentation in court.

Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality is a rapidly growing market with applications not only in gaming and cinematic presentations, but also in music production, broadcast, social media, healthcare and education to name but a few. Spatial audio is an essential underlying technology for VR and AR, being used not only to give a strong sense of reality, but also to add ‘hyper-reality’ to make immersive experiences visceral and plausible.

Audio Networking

The AES has published standards for numerous audio network transport and control protocols.

Broadcast and Online Delivery

Broadcasting audio embraces several techniques to qualify, playout and transmit audio signals to the end-users, by using multiple distribution networks.


Headphones and the technology associated with them are as popular as ever and the AES will remain at the forefront of this exciting field.

Hearing and Hearing Loss Prevention

Our ability to hear is a crucial part of our lives and careers, but we all have difficulty hearing in some situations. Unfortunately, exposure to loud sounds (including music) can degrade our ability to hear and make those challenging situations even more so.

High-Resolution Audio

Today, high resolution is a well-established part of both professional and high quality consumer audio, and the answers to the “why” of sound, its technical reproduction, and its relation to auditory perception are better understood.


Consistent loudness should be a goal of audio engineers for digital content delivery.

Music Production for Emerging Audio Formats

Music production is changing. There have never been so many diverse avenues for creating and consuming music, both artistically and technologically. The world of recorded music has exploded to incorporate hi-res, streaming, spatial audio, binaural sound, interactive music, and object-based audio Our production tools and methods have evolved accordingly, sometimes driving new practices, and sometimes responding to innovative creative ideas.

Music Recording

For anyone interested in music recording, the E-Library is a well of treasures, containing collected experiences, thoughts and ideas about this subject.

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