There are many events that are held online throughout the year.



There are many events that are held online throughout the year.



Dec 14 2023


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

AES Philadelphia Section Event – This Is The Fresh Air Archive

This is an online event.

This presentation will outline the multi-project effort undertaken to preserve over 40 years of interviews and to provide public access to WHYY’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross radio program.

Fresh Air is one of public media’s most popular programs, with 5 million listeners on 665 stations and 4 million weekly podcast downloads. In a media world with 60-second video clips, Fresh Air’s 45-minute interview segments offer in-depth conversations with writers, musicians, actors, journalists, and others exploring the arts, pop culture and issues.

Archiving and preserving the program began in 1978 with organizing the amassed reel-to-reel tape library. Digitizing this collection began in 2006. Joyce will discuss the history of the project and the technical decisions made for sampling rate, bit resolution, and the best storage medium to use. Working with NPR, the archives are now accessible to the public at the Fresh Air Archive and at NPR.


Joyce Lieberman, Radio Engineering Supervisor at WHYY-FM
Joyce Lieberman is currently the Radio Engineering Supervisor at WHYY-FM the local NPR Radio Station in Philadelphia. She works to ensure high-quality sound over the air and on the web, maintain audio equipment and digital systems, train personnel for production and broadcast of programs, including Fresh Air, and trouble-shoot problems. Joyce began at WHYY as a volunteer in 1973 and was hired by WHYY TV and Radio as a trainee in 1976. “Fresh Air with Terry Gross” began as a three hour, local, interview program in 1975. Joyce took over engineering the show in 1977. When Fresh Air became a national NPR program in 1987, Joyce became the Technical Director. She worked with a crew to research equipment and workflows for producing high-quality radio for a national audience, including recording many musical guests live in our studio. She helped oversee the transition for Fresh Air to digital editing and the Fresh Air Digital Archive. Joyce is a Life Member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and is the Co-Chair of the Philadelphia AES Chapter, and she is a participant in the National Association of Broadcasting (NAB) events. She holds a Radio Broadcast General Class license. Joyce’s professional recording efforts include over thirty years of recording music for the Cape May Music Festival and the Philadelphia Folk Festival.

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