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There are many events that are held online throughout the year.



There are many events that are held online throughout the year.


May 14 2024


10:00 am - 11:30 am

Dissecting Advanced Driving Sounds for Electric Vehicles

This webinar is complimentary to AES members and non-members.

This webinar is hosted by the AES Technical Committee for Automotive Audio

This is an encore presentation of an invited paper that was presented at the 2022 International Conference on Automotive Audio.  

The design of driving sounds for electric vehicles (EVs) has rapidly evolved in recent years. Both technical and design requirements have led to development of complex systems with dozens of loops, organized into multiple layers and busses, and controlled with individually configured playback logic. This has resulted in many challenges, with the focus increasingly shifting away from engineering towards the design process and efficient workflows. In this webinar, we’ll deconstruct an advanced driving sound to unveil its fundamental sonic elements and illustrate how these components are structured and routed for optimal performance. We’ll delve into the control logic behind these components, enriching the experience with dynamic behaviors that are less predictable, while also incorporating appropriate triggers for integrated chimes and UX sounds.

Jasper de Kruiff:

Jasper de Kruiff is creative director and co-founder of Impulse Audio Lab, a creative sound and engineering agency with a strong focus on audio innovation.

Jasper holds a Master Degree of Science in Industrial Design (Hons.) from the Eindhoven University of Technology. After finishing his graduation project at BMW in 2013, he stayed with the Munich based manufacturer for two years to work on sound design strategy and qualitative assessment methods for the first generation of electrified vehicles.

Recognizing the growth potential of the emerging field of automotive sound design, he co-founded Impulse Audio Lab in late 2014. Here he has spent the last decade combining his life-long passions for music and design crafting innovative audio experiences for electric vehicles of leading OEMs around the globe.

Moritz Melber:

Moritz is a sound designer and engineer, currently working at Impulse Audio Lab in Munich, Germany. 

While still studying at the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart (B.Eng.Audiovisual Media), Moritz had the opportunity to help design the sound user experience for the first generation of Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles from 2017 to 2020.

From 2018, he studied film sound design at the Filmakademie BadenWürttemberg in Ludwigsburg. Beside film projects, Moritz continued to work on the topic of sound design for electric vehicles. He completed his diploma at the Filmakademie in 2022. His thesis deals with the development of an interactive sound design environment for electric vehicles and the transfer of the principles of film sound to electric driving sound. In Autumn 2022 Moritz then joined Impulse Audio Lab to continue working in this area. 

Following in 2023, he had the chance to contribute to talks on EV driving sound and related research conducted at Impulse Audio Lab at the German Tonmeistertagung and the Aachen Acoustics Colloquium. At Impulse Audio Lab, Moritz conceptualizes, prototypes and creates interactive audio applications with a strong focus on HMI and EV driving sounds. With the background in audio engineering, film sound and UX, his passion lies at combining these fields to create exceptional audible user experiences and shape the future sound of electric vehicles

Yu (Dewey) Du – TCAA-NAS, 2022 Conference Papers Chair
Samira Mohamady – TCAA-NAS, 2022 Conference Papers Vice Chair

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