AES Audio Product Education Institute Invites Design Houses to Discuss How to Quickly Bring Audio Products to Market

March 12, 2021

The AES Audio Product Education Institute (APEI), an initiative launched in January 2020 by the Audio Engineering Society to focus on promoting methodologies, practices and technologies involved in developing and bringing audio products to market, will host its sixth online event addressing Supply Chain & Sourcing on Wednesday, March 17 (12:00pm EDT). 

In this new webinar, moderated by supply chain and sourcing experts David Lindberg (DB Enterprises) and Mike Klasco (Menlo Scientific), the focus will be on the decision to hire an experienced product development and design team to help turn a new audio product concept into a robust project, ready for production. Addressing this topic and sharing their experience, both domestically and internationally, will be Mark Carrington (CEO, Cardinal Peak), Eric Voigt (Co-Founder, One Point Zero), and Donald MacCallum (Co-Founder, One Point Zero).

The session will discuss the role of design houses as a resource to the audio industry and manufacturers, and how these leading companies’ expertise helps support both SMEs or large corporations in “filling in the gaps” that are missing internally in their product development resources. The session will also look at how these outsourced engineering teams can act as an extension resource for brands that have a new project that needs to reach the market quickly, a particular SKU development that needs to be added, or a project that falls outside the comfort zone for the in-house team. Examples of projects and case-studies with small and large enterprises will be discussed.

Mark Carrington is the CEO of Cardinal Peak (, a product engineering services firm based in Lafayette, Colorado. Cardinal Peak has helped hundreds of brands and manufacturers solve hard problems in audio product development. With an experienced and highly recognized engineering team, the company successfully supported cutting-edge technology developments and helped develop a wide variety of differentiating end-user features in categories including wireless audio, audio networking, voice assistants and active noise control (ANC). Cardinal Peak brings the unique perspective of an experienced audio product design company through multidisciplinary teams dedicated to helping brands minimize product development risk and bring new audio products to market quickly.

Eric Voigt is one of the co-founders and managing partner of One Point Zero (, an international design and engineering agency with top-level production management and direct presence in China, U.S., Europe and Australia. Drawing from more than 20 years of experience working in Asia and Europe, and a deep knowledge of the global supply chain, Voigt will detail how his team works with an extensive partner network, transforming ideas into successful products. His presentation will highlight the relationships with production facilities, and how product projects need to be tightly coordinated with manufacturing partnerships to bring a design vision to reality.

Donald MacCallum, also a co-founder and partner of One Point Zero, will address the role of the company as a strategic design and product development partner for audio manufacturers. MacCallum has more than 25 years of experience and has worked in China for more than 13 years, managing the supply base and executing projects for both startups and multinationals from the United States, Europe and Asia.

The AES Audio Product Education Institute’s Supply Chain and Sourcing Webinar #6 is part of an ongoing and multi-faceted event series that underscores the AES’s commitment to providing its membership and the industry at large with timely real-world information. Guest presentations will be followed by Q&A discussion time with attendees.

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