AES Journal Indicative Topic List

The following is an indicative, but not exhaustive list of topics appropriate for inclusion in the AES Journal

Audio applications and technologies

  • Digital broadcasting
  • Forensic audio
  • Automotive audio
  • Audio for mobile and handheld devices
  • Audio in education
  • Networked, Internet, and remote audio
  • Auditory display and sonification
  •  Interactive sound
  •  New audio interfaces
  • Web 2.0 technologies


Audio content management

  • Archiving and restoration
  • Audio formats
  • Digital libraries
  • Automatic content description
  • Audio and music information retrieval


Audio Processing

  • Analysis and synthesis of sound
  •  Audio effects
  •  Machine listening
  •  Music and speech signal processing
  • Auditory scene analysis
  • High resolution audio
  •  Audio coding and compression


Audio Equipment

  • Microphones, converters, and amplifiers
  • Loudspeakers and headphones
  • Wireless and wearable audio
  •  Instrumentation and measurement
  •  Musical instrument design
     Protocols and data formats


Immersive Audio

  •  Multichannel and spatial audio
  •  Audio for Virtual / Augmented Reality Environments
  •  Game Audio
  • Sound design / acoustic simulation of immersive audio environments
  • Evaluation of spatial audio
  • Spatial audio applications



  • Audio perception
  • Audio quality
  • Hearing loss, protection, and enhancement
  • Listening tests and evaluation
  • Speech intelligibility
  • Psychoacoustics


Recording, Production, and Reproduction

  • Live event and stage audio
  • Mixing, remixing, and mastering
  • Room and architectural acoustics
  • Sound design and reinforcement
  • Studio recording techniques
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