The European Center for Studies in Music and Acoustics (CESMA) is a research and educational institution in the field of music theory, performance, audio and video technology and acoustics based in Lugano, Tessin (Switzerland). Established in 2012 by academics and professionals of the Audio Engineering Society, CESMA offers academic programs in audio and video engineering (Tontechniker and Tonmeister), executive masters, tailored programs for corporate education, and provides consulting services on a broad spectrum of audiovisual and musical fields. CESMA activities include also seminars, workshops, and concerts. Research results are published and presented at professional meetings, conferences, and in scientific journals. Main areas of research and consulting expertise include composition, HW and SW applications, synthesis techniques and algorithms, music information retrieval, digital recording and editing, cinematographic sound, environmental and musical acoustics, and audio restoration and audio forensics.
Strada Regina, 16
Bioggio (Lugano) , 6934

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