Memorial Lecture at 139th: Bruce Koenig / Acoustic Forensic Gunshot Analysis — The Kennedy Assassination and Beyond

AES 139th Convention
Javits Convention Center, New York, USA.
October 29–November 1, 2015

Memorial Lecture at 123rd: Leo Beranek / Aspects Of Concert Hall Acoustics

Heyser Memorial Lecture
AES 123rd Convention
Javits Center – New York City

Memorial Lecture at 107th: Roger Lagadec / Digital Audio and the Challenge of the Internet

Digital Audio and the Challenge of the Internet* Roger Lagadec, AES Fellow Having just entered the digital age, audio is about to face new challenges. Electronic technology is about to offer negligible-cost solutions to some key tasks in digital audio, such as coding and encoding, storing, transmission, and access. At the same time, the Internet… Continue reading Memorial Lecture at 107th: Roger Lagadec / Digital Audio and the Challenge of the Internet

Memorial Lecture at 138th: Ilpo Martikainen / Monitoring Loudspeakers — Can They Be Truthful Quality Control Tools?

AES 138th Convention
Sofitel Victoria Hotel, Warsaw, Poland.
May 7–10, 2015

Memorial Lecture at 122nd: Gerhard Steinke / What is needed to have the Audio-Eldorado at home?

Heyser Memorial Lecture
AES 122nd Convention
Austria Center Vienna – Austria, Vienna

Memorial Lecture at 150th: Diana Deutsch / Two Perceptual Puzzles: Audio Illusions and Perfect Pitch

AES 150th Convention
May 25-28, 2021

Memorial Lecture at 154th: Jamie Angus-Whiteoak / The Ear is not a Fourier Transformer

May 13-15, 2023

Memorial Lecture at 137th: Marty O’Donnell / The Ear Doesn’t Blink: Creating Culture With Adaptive Audio

AES 137th Convention
Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA, USA
October 9–12, 2014

Memorial Lecture at 121st: Julius O. Smith III / History and Practice in Digital Sound Synthesis

Heyser Memorial Lecture
AES 121st Convention
Moscone Center – San Francisco, CA, USA

Memorial Lecture at 153rd: Gilbert Soulodre / A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Heyser Lecture – The Twists and Turns of a Career in Audio

October 19-20, 2022

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