HML Lecturers

HML Lecturers Roger Lagadec, 1999 September 25, AES 107th Convention, New York, NY, USA James A. Moorer, 2000 February 21, AES 108th Convention, Paris, France Alan C. Kay, 2000 September 24, AES 109th Convention, Los Angeles, CA, USA Per Brüel, 2001 May 13, AES 110th Convention, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Manfred Schroeder, 2001 December 2, AES… Continue reading HML Lecturers

Time Delay Spectrometry: An Anthology

Time Delay Spectrometry: An Anthology An anthology of the works of Richard C. Heyser on measurement, analysis and perception On the advice of the Technical Council, the AES has decided to make this anthology available on an Open Access basis, in order to disseminate the work of Richard Heyser as widely as possible. Download a… Continue reading Time Delay Spectrometry: An Anthology

Photographs Of Distinguished Lecturers

Photographs Of Distinguished Lecturers Heyser Lecturers since 1999 1999 – Roger Lagadec 2000 – Andy Moorer 2000 – Alan Kay 2001 – Per Brüel 2001- Manfred Schroeder Ray Dolby 2002 – Jim West 2003 – Jens Blauert 2003 – Ray Kurzweil 2004 – Kees Immink 2004 – Walter Murch 2005 – Jozef Zwislocki 2005 –… Continue reading Photographs Of Distinguished Lecturers

Richard C. Heyser Memorial Lecture Series

The Lecture Series The Richard C. Heyser Memorial Lecture series was established in May 1999 by the AES Technical Council, the Board of Governors, and the Richard Heyser Scholarship Fund to honor the extensive contribution to the Society by this outstanding man, widely known for his ability to communicate new and complex technical ideas with… Continue reading Richard C. Heyser Memorial Lecture Series

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