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Here is a curated 3-day itinerary for your visit to Gothenburg, Sweden (also available to download in Google Maps):

Day 1

9 AM – Start your day at Haga, the city’s oldest district. Wander the cobblestone streets lined with beautifully preserved wood houses from the 19th century. Stop for a traditional Swedish fika (coffee break) at one of the cozy cafes.

11:30 AM – Head to Kronhuset to visit the Maritiman maritime museum. Explore the impressive maritime exhibits and tour the 19th century ship Barken Viking. 

1:30 PM – Have lunch at Fiskekrogen, known for its fresh seafood.

3 PM – Spend the afternoon at the Gothenburg Botanical Garden, one of the finest in Europe. Stroll through the stunning grounds and visit the rock garden and greenhouse.

7 PM – For dinner, go to Moreno, which claims to be the world’s largest pizzeria. It is also famous for its classic tiramisu and a stunning rooftop view of the Sjöfartsmuseet and harbor.

10 AM – Begin your day at Götaplatsen square, home to the iconic Poseidon statue fountain. Then visit the Gothenburg Museum of Art housed in an impressive turn-of-the-century building.

12:30 PM – Have a traditional Swedish lunch at Berzelius Bar & Matsal, a classic restaurant serving meat, seafood and local game dishes.

2:30 PM – Tour Skansen Kronan, the 17th century crown fortress that offers panoramic views over the city.

4:30 PM – Walk through the Trädgårdsföreningen park and gardens, one of the best-preserved 19th century parks in Sweden.

7:30 PM – For dinner, experience the lively atmosphere at Brewers Beer Bar & Restaurant which brews its own beer and serves Swedish cuisine.

10 AM – Explore Saluhallen, the indoor food market hall dating back to 1859. Sample local delicacies like Swedish cheeses, cured meats, fresh seafood and baked goods.

12 PM – Take a ferry ride along the canals and harbors of Gothenburg to get a different perspective of the city from the water. (Depart from and arrive back at Kungsportsplatsen.)

2 PM – Have a relaxing lunch at Koka, a vegetarian restaurant set in a beautiful historic building with a tranquil courtyard.  

4 PM – Spend the afternoon shopping and strolling along the upscale Avenyn, Gothenburg’s main pedestrian street lined with boutiques and cafes.

7:30 PM – Indulge in modern Nordic cuisine at the acclaimed Michelin-starred Thörnströms Kök restaurant.

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