Guidelines for Workshop & Tutorial Submissions

AES Workshops and Tutorials are meant to be a place where knowledge is shared and discussion takes place. They are not intended to be a marketing platform for commercial products and services. To avoid the perception that your workshop/tutorial is an infomercial, we recommend the following guidelines:

Regarding your product/service
  • Refrain from using commercial product or service names in the title or abstract of the talk
  • It is ok to show products being used and demonstrated, but better if these products are referred to generically, or as one of a number of options. For example, rather than say “import this to (name brand DAW),” say “import this into the digital audio workstation/DAW” or “import this into your DAW.”
  • If your product or service really is unique and doing something new, then consider making the presentation about the technology behind the product.

Regarding the panel composition
  • Follow Diversity & Inclusion guidelines for diverse panels (see below)
  • Only one person from a particular company should be on a given panel.

The AES welcomes commercial presentations! These are of use and benefit to our membership, but must be clearly identified as partner/sponsor or commercial presentations. Please contact AES Sales & Marketing at for information about commercial presentations.

Diversity & Inclusion Guidelines

AES is committed to creating an inclusive community representing the interests and pursuits of people of every identity. As we grow our membership it is important to represent our values embracing inclusion and broadcast this by highlighting subject matter experts of every identity.

Tips on how to organize and promote diverse, inclusive panels and keynotes:

Look for speakers far beyond your personal network
  • Invite speakers one to two degrees separated from you. You can find these individuals by asking your network for subject matter experts who are typically underrepresented in the topic area, and contacting relevant professional society chapters representing affinity groups (e.g. Women in Audio, SoundGirls, Black Sound Society, NSBE – National Association of Black Engineers).

Give yourself enough time
  • Forming panels with many new people takes more time, effort, and preparation than forming panels and inviting speakers who are well-known to you and have been asked previously.

Invite underrepresented individuals first
  • In order to prioritize the diversity in the identities of our presenters we ask that you consider inviting new voices to present first, recognizing that it may require you to adjust the days or times of the session to allow those individuals to participate.

Organize practice and/or training sessions with your presenters
  • If needed, offer assistance with understanding the workshop/tutorial format and provide them with constructive feedback. Feel free to reach out to the event chair(s) who can direct you to the appropriate resources.
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