International Conference on Audio Education 2023 Gears Up to Inspire and Connect Audio Educators in Hasselt, Belgium

July 25, 2023
"We are thrilled to welcome audio educators and professionals to the International Conference on Audio Education 2023 in Hasselt, Belgium," said Brecht De Man, conference chairperson.

[Hasselt, Belgium – July 25, 2023] – The much-anticipated International Conference on Audio Education 2023 is set to take place from September 6-8th in the vibrant city of Hasselt, Belgium. With a diverse and engaging three-day program, including peer-reviewed paper presentations, keynote presentations, workshops, sponsor booths, and social events, the conference promises to be a remarkable gathering for audio educators and professionals alike. The theme, spanning all areas of audio engineering, will be highly relevant to educational institutions and manufacturers, offering valuable insights and opportunities for networking and international collaborations.

 The program for the conference is now available online, providing a comprehensive outline of the exciting events scheduled over the three days. Attendees can look forward to insightful presentations, panels, and discussions that delve into cutting-edge audio education topics, methodologies, and advancements in the industry.

 Keynotes: Inspiring Insights from Leading Experts

 The conference boasts a lineup of esteemed keynote speakers who will offer unique perspectives on crucial aspects of audio education:

 Day 1: Miriam Iorwerth – “The Present of Audio Education”

Miriam Iorwerth’s keynote will address the current state of audio education in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. Focusing on the challenges posed by a changing educational landscape, the presentation will explore themes such as curriculum design, accessibility, remote teaching of practical subjects, tools for delivery, and the role of communities in learning and teaching. Attendees will be encouraged to reflect on their current practices and leverage best practices in blended delivery of learning.

 Day 2: Leslie Gaston-Bird – “Immersive and Inclusive: Cracking the Credibility Code”

Leslie Gaston-Bird’s keynote sheds light on the underrepresentation of women and minorities in the audio industry. Drawing from a grounded theory study, Leslie will share insights into the main concerns of underrepresented groups participating in immersive audio workshops and how they navigate their challenges. The presentation highlights the importance of inclusive practices and mentorship opportunities to foster diversity and equity in the immersive audio industry.

 Day 3: Gillian Desmarais – “The Future of Audio Education in Primary and Secondary Public Schools”

Gillian Desmarais will examine how the next generation of audio engineers can be trained in public education. The presentation will showcase a successful public school music production and engineering program in the United States, using web-based Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) to teach audio engineering skills to students as young as 8 years old. The hybrid curriculum blends audio engineering with state and national music education standards, promoting diversity, accessibility, and creativity in public education.

 Keynote/Honorary Lecture Day 1: Jamie Angus-Whiteoak – “Audio DSP Education: Keeping it Real”

Jamie Angus-Whiteoak’s honorary lecture offers an alternative vision for teaching Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that emphasizes working with real signals and implementing them in real-time on affordable hardware. The lecture delves into historical background and industry-imposed limitations, advocating for sample-based audio processing that can be experimented with on conventional processors. Attendees will gain insights into embedding such processing in effects boxes using single-board computers and explore the future of DSP education.

 Registration Now Open: Seize the Opportunity to Connect and Learn

 The conference invites audio educators, researchers, industry professionals, and students to participate and engage in valuable networking and collaboration opportunities. Each registration includes access to all three days of the conference, along with coffee and lunch breaks to facilitate networking.

 “We are thrilled to welcome audio educators and professionals to the International Conference on Audio Education 2023 in Hasselt, Belgium,” said Brecht De Man, conference chairperson. “With our exceptional lineup of keynotes and a diverse program, we are confident that this conference will inspire and enrich audio education practices worldwide.”

 The conference will be hosted at PXL-Music, Belgium’s pop and rock school, that ensures a seamless and immersive experience for all attendees.

 For more information about the International Conference on Audio Education 2023 and to register, please visit the conference website.

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