AES 2023 Elections Open for Voting

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May 31, 2023
AES Members are encouraged to exercise their voting right and responsibility. 

The Audio Engineering Society 2023 Election is now open for Member voting. Voting is online only and ends June 30 at 5:00PM Eastern U.S. time. AES Members are encouraged to exercise their voting right and responsibility as a Member by participating in the election.

Candidate Bios & Statements: The information in the linked pdf has been provided by the candidates for the AES 2023 election. In addition to the President-Elect, Treasurer and Regional Vice-President candidates, three Governors will be elected from six candidates – you may vote for one candidate each for President-Elect, Treasurer and Regional Vice Presidents, and for up to three Governors.

In addition, four updates to the AES Bylaws must be voted on by Membership. The proposed Bylaws amendments are detailed in the document 2023 AES Bylaws Amendment Proposal Membership Explanation.

For reference, the current AES Bylaws are AES Bylaws Revised 2021.

Members need not vote early if they wish to take time to review the ballot. Eligible Members were sent emails to their address of record with voting details. If any Member who is eligible did not receive an election ballot notice in email May 19, they may still vote by simply going to the voting site,, entering their name, AES number and email to receive the security code to vote online. The exact name and number must match AES records. Security codes are emailed immediately from, so check your spam/junk folders if necessary.

Members having difficulty voting may contact Global Election Services at: or call them at 1-877-455-9367 toll-free.

Only Members in good standing may vote in the election; associates and students are not eligible to vote.  Members whose membership has lapsed and Associate Members who wish to upgrade their status to Member in order to vote must renew or upgrade no later than 5:00 PM EDT, June 24, 2023 to participate in the 2023 election. Memberships may be renewed through the AES member portal at and Associate Members may apply for upgrade to Member status at There is no cost for upgrades; upgrade applications can take up to 48 hours to process.


AES 2023 Election Simplified Sample Ballot


Gary Gottlieb

Cesar Lamschtein



Glenn Lorbecki


Vice President: Asia-Pacific Region

Kazuhiko Kawahara

Yong Shen


Vice President: Central Region, Europe

Ewa Łukasik

Sławomir K. Zieliński


Vice President: Central Region, USA/Canada

Kerry J Haps

William Schulenburg


Vice President: Latin American Region

Jorge Azama

Ezequiel Morfi


Vice President: Southern Europe/Middle East/Africa Region

Huseyin Hacihabiboglu

Pedro Duarte Pestana


Governor (vote for up to 3):

Lenise Bent

Charles Hughes

Brett Leonard

Mary Mazurek

Robert Schlette

Jiayue Cecilia Wu


(The order of the names may appear in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order randomly on ballots.)


AES Bylaws Amendment Proposals

Detailed in the document:2023 AES Bylaws Amendment Proposal Membership Explanation

Current AES Bylaws for reference:AES Bylaws Revised 2021


AES Bylaws Amendment Proposal 1

Clarify the authority of the AES Board of Directors to create Committees of the Board of Directors. Codify the Audit Committee. Clarify the scope of the AES Board of Governors’ delegated authority to create and terminate standing committees.




AES Bylaws Amendment Proposal 2

Clarify term of office for AES Treasurer.




AES Bylaws Amendment Proposal 3

Clarify that the location of an AES event and its scheduling are the responsibility of the Board of Directors, except where delegated.




AES Bylaws Amendment Proposal 4

Clarify that AES assets include donations as well as income. Affirm the authority of the Board of Directors to establish an endowment fund.



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