AES Standards requests expressions of ongoing interest in AES75.

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February 2, 2023
The AES SC-04-03-A task group is currently in the process of publicizing the 2022 AES75 standard and establishing a number of assets including a dedicated webpage.

February 1, 2023 – The AES75 standard, published in 2022, details a procedure for measuring maximum linear sound levels of a loudspeaker system or driver using a test signal called M-Noise. To measure maximum linear sound levels meaningfully and repeatably, a signal is required whose RMS and peak levels as functions of frequency have been shown to be representative of program material. M-Noise uniquely also features a relatively constant peak level as a function of frequency, so that the crest factor (peak level – RMS level) increases with frequency, which an analysis on a large variety of music and other content has revealed is an important additional characteristic of typical program material.

The AES SC-04-03-A task group is currently in the process of publicizing the standard and establishing a number of assets. One of these will be a webpage—dedicated to AES75—under the AES website.

In support of its efforts, the SC-04-03-A task group makes the following request:

On behalf of your organization, you have previously expressed interest in either:

  • using AES75 to specify maximum linear sound levels of your products, or;
  • supporting AES75-compliant measurements in your measurement solutions, or;
  • offering AES75-compliant measurements as part of your measurement services.

At this stage, we are kindly asking you to confirm if this is still the case and, if possible, provide an update on your progress. We would welcome your response by return email.

Those responding positively, will be contacted further with an opportunity to be included on the AES75 webpage listing organizations showing active support.

This is a request for your ongoing expression of interest.

A detailed response or any suggestions would receive the full attention of the task group.

We would appreciate hearing back from you by March 15th, 2023


Richard Cabot, Standards Manager
Audio Engineering Society

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