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Keynotes, Papers, Panels and Workshops topics on:

System Architecture and Hardware

  • System Concepts

  • Concepts for Reproducing Low Frequencies

  • Amplifier Technologies

  • Transducers

  • Sensors

  • Microphones

Active Sound Management and Solutions

  • Active Noise Control System Architectures

  • Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS)

  • Vehicle Sound Design (Internal and External)

Sound Reproduction in Cars

  • Sound Field Control

  • DSP Algorithms (Spectral / Spatial)

  • Computer-aided System Tuning Methods

  • Communication Technologies

Evaluation of Sound Quality

  • Subjective

  • Objective

  • Loudness

  • Distortion

  • Standards

Virtual Acoustics

  • Simulations

  • Auralizations

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

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AES 2022 Automotive Audio Conference Keynotes:

Mathias Johansson, PhD

Dirac Research AB, Uppsala, Sweden, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

In 2001, Mathias founded Dirac together with two professors and three PhD students. Mathias has served as the CEO of Dirac for 11 years, but recently decided to move into the CPO role, where he now focuses on Dirac’s product strategies. During his leadership, Dirac grew to become a pioneer and leader in digital sound technology within automotive, home audio, headphones and mobile audio. Hundreds of millions of audio devices are now equipped with Dirac sound optimization. As a pioneer in the field, Mathias has rich experience in everything related to digital sound, in particular sound field control and immersive audio. He holds a PhD in signal processing from Uppsala University.

Andreas Ehret

Dolby, Director Automotive

Andreas Ehret has been active as a technology leader in the audio industry for over two decades. He joined Dolby back in 2007 and since then served the company in various engineering and technology VP leadership roles, managing the teams that created solutions scaling into billions of consumer devices.

Over the past couple of years his focus had been on the market introduction of Dolby’s next generation audio codec AC-4, as well as contributions to bring the Atmos music experience to life. These days Andreas’ focus is on developing and expanding Dolby’s Automotive business – whereas lighting up Dolby Atmos in cars is a key strategic ingredient thereof.

Andreas is a strong believer in concepts such as use-case driven exploration, lean principles, rapid prototyping, collaboration with the industry, maintaining artistic intent, and validating consumer value.

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