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Keynotes, Papers, Panels and Workshops topics on:

Spatial Reproduction

• Binaural Reproduction

• Multichannel rendering

• Wave field synthesis

• 3D sound field navigation

• Object-based audio

• HRTF modeling and derivation from optical and/or acoustic measurements

• Virtual environment modeling


• Spatial audio quality, compression, streaming and latency

• Spatial perception and psychoacoustics

• Listening tests and evaluation

• Audio enhancement


• Smart audio for VR/AR/MR

• Hardware and calibration for VR/AR/MR audio

• Transparent hearing applications and hardware


• Audio capture and synthesis

• 3D mixing, mastering, effects, tools, software

• Sound design for VR/AR

• Music composition for VR/AR

• AR/VR audio in streaming and broadcast applications

• Telepresence and live AR/VR audio production


• Applications in VR/AR (case studies)

• Developing Audio Standards for VR/AR Applications

• Audio for Location based installations (entertainment etc.)

• Audio in Enterprise applications

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AES 2022 International Audio for Virtual Reality Conference

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Veronique Larcher
Veronique Larcher, Sennheiser

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Veronique Larcher is the Director of AMBEO Immersive Audio, Sennheiser’s brand for immersive audio products and experiences. She is also a founding advisor at Earkick, a startup focused on monitoring anxiety using audio biomarkers, among others.
Veronique has over 20 years of experience in the areas of audio and venture building – before launching AMBEO in 2016, she held multiple roles spearheading innovation at Sennheiser, most notably founding and managing their Strategic Innovation office in San Francisco. Veronique holds a Ph.D. in 3D Audio for Virtual Reality from Ircam (France) and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finances from the Paris Institute of Political Studies.

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