AES Announces Cutting-Edge June to September Events

May 29, 2024
The Audio Engineering Society (AES) has unveiled a compelling slate of groundbreaking events focusing on the latest advancements in audio technology, starting this June.

[NEW YORK, NY – May 29, 2024] The Audio Engineering Society (AES) has unveiled a compelling slate of groundbreaking events focusing on the latest advancements in audio technology, starting this June. The AES International Symposium on AI and the Musician, scheduled for June 6–8, 2024, kicks off the season at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. This symposium will delve into the dynamic intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and music, providing a platform for discussing AI’s impact on music creation, production, and education. Through keynote presentations, panel discussions, and technical demonstrations, attendees will explore a variety of topics, ranging from intellectual property issues in the AI era to ethical considerations in AI research.

This is the first of two AES events solely focused on artificial intelligence. Those interested in the topic should also mark their calendars for the 2025 AES International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Audio, slated for September 8–10, 2025, at Queen Mary University of London.

Next on the summer slate is the 2024 AES 5th International Conference on Automotive Audio, set for June 26–28 at UNI3 by Geely in Gothenburg, Sweden. This conference will highlight the revolutionary changes in automotive audio over the past six decades, with simple mono sound systems evolving into sophisticated multichannel music playback and infotainment systems. The event will cover state-of-the-art technologies and emerging scientific disciplines, including AI applications in automotive audio, virtual acoustics, and voice and speech technologies. Participants can look forward to engaging workshops, demonstrations, peer-reviewed papers, and networking opportunities.

The 2024 AES 8th International Conference on Audio Forensics will be June 27–29 at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel in Denver, Colorado. This conference is dedicated to the latest advancements in forensic audio, featuring research on speech/signal processing, acoustical analyses, audio authentication, and more. It promises to be a hub for researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas and develop new methodologies to address evolving challenges in audio forensics, with a rich program of keynotes, tutorials, and workshops.

Rounding out this lineup is the 2024 AES 5th International Conference on Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality from August 19–21, 2024, at the DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, Washington. Tailored for audio engineers specializing in virtual and augmented reality, the three-day conference will feature sessions on spatial sound capture, binaural reproduction, multichannel rendering, object-based audio, HRTF modeling, virtual environment modeling, spatial audio quality, and more. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with cutting-edge research and innovations as well as the leading experts and practitioners driving the VR/AR audio industry forward.

For additional program and registration details, visit AES Events online.


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