AES Distinguished Speakers Program (DSP)

The Distinguished Speakers Program was created in 2004 to establish a roster of touring guest lecturers who will be available to provide technical presentations at the meetings of local sections throughout the Society. It is our goal that this project will provide a wealth of interesting meetings for all sections, large and small, enhancing their activities and stimulating increased membership and participation.

A special fund has been created as the result of an initial contribution by Ronald Streicher, during his term as AES President. Individuals and corporations are encouraged to support this project, and all contributions earmarked for the Distinguished Speakers Program Fund will be used solely to finance the activities of this program. (These also are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.)


A speaker should be someone who travels regularly for business and has the time, interest, and ability to offer technical presentations to AES sections along their itinerary. Interested speakers should contact the coordinator indicating their availability, region of travel, and possible topics.


Speakers will not earn a fee for presenting or speaking at a section, but will be reimbursed up to $500 for travel and expenses.


The Chair of the section wishing to have the services of a Speaker should fill out the Section Request Form and forward it to their Regional Vice President for approval. Once approval is obtained from the RVP the form should be sent to the DSP Coordinator at Headquarters.

Distinguished Speakers Program Coordinator

The Coordinator at Headquarters will be responsible for matching the speakers to the sections and keeping the paperwork and approvals in order. Once speakers have completed their presentation, they should submit their expenses to headquarters accounting department for reimbursement. The expense reimbursement form also can be obtained from the website or DSP coordinator.

Corporate Support and Funding

Corporations are encouraged to support their employees in providing technical presentations in the audio field to our local sections throughout the Society. Support for lecturers and financial contributions to the Distinguished Speakers Program Fund are fully tax deductible and will receive a special mention in the Journal of The Audio Engineering Society.

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