AES Immersive Audio Academy 2 Partners



Providing interactive, immersive sound for TV, streaming and VR applications


Immersive and personalized audio
Hear your home team™: The MPEG-H Audio system delivers enveloping immersive sound and allows consumers to choose between different audio presets or to adjust the dialogue volume.


The company develops and distributes high-performance audio products for industrial, professional and end user applications.
These products make it possible to enjoy an immersive, 3-dimensional experience when creating, editing and monitoring audio content e.g. for film, music and game applications with any multi-channel loudspeaker setup (e.g. Surround, 3D) as well as with binaural loudspeaker simulations on standard headphones.
End users can experience mobile entertainment in a total new and exciting way. The user does not have to worry about special equipment or format specifications; just a smartphone is all that is needed to enjoy a cinema film with this new immersive 3D audio experience.
NAT offers a very attractive package to customers in this market segment regarding minimal requirements, affordability, battery use and technical simplicity

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